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Brawlhalla - Random Spear Tricks

Written by xguardx   /   Jul 11, 2018    
Brawlhalla - Random Spear Tricks

A random dude's spear tricks that assume you already know the basics and tricks such as gravity cancelling.

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Spear Tricks

GC SLIGHT = Useful for countering low level diagonal air attacks or generally catching floaty enemies off guard and to perform... slightly safer pokes.

A good alternative instead of just performing a dash attack in my opinion.

GC NLIGHT = Personally, I prefer this whenever I want to counter a sig while being on the offensive or to punish and read a spot dodge after an SLIGHT. (effective against most sigs)

Good for catching falling enemies so far from my experience.

GC DLIGHT = Rather than simply utilize this for string potential I haphazardly use it from unexpected directions and locations, usually after performing a string where they expect it.

Sometimes I do this in place of a recovery; oddly works pretty often.

Written by xguardx.

Game:   Brawlhalla