MU Legend – Whisperer Guide (PvE)

Whisperer’s PvE guide.

Soul Box

This is the most basic soulbox for all class:

  • 60 Cooldown reduction – To max your 50% Cooldown Reduction and the 60 soulpoints soul box for a chance to reset all skills cooldown.
  • 30 Health – For the lifesteal.
  • 60/90 Attack – The more the merrier, you are dps.

After this, you can continue to add on:

  • 60 Crit Dmg (30% is alot).
  • 60 Defence or Penetration (You can choose to go for either one of them).

My current soul points are 60 CDR, 30 Health, 90 Attack, 60 Crit Dmg, 60 Penetration, X Defense. I am still quite happy with it.



This is a MUST have for whisperer’s current meta, I have tested it and it reduces both attack and defense used. And It is also very when you have 4 pieces of Far-seeing Sapientia set. It will take quite a while to get this soulstone. But is worth it!

  • Helm: Torment wall – Naklokhan Soulstone (For the extra stats, Torment wall is a horrible skill).
  • Top: Multi Kill – Kaizel Soulstone.
  • Pants: Wind Sprint – Belgaterm Soulstone.
  • Shoulders: Bombardment – Orman Soulstone.
  • Gloves: Death Sentence -Grande Soulstone.
  • Wing guns: Infected Kisellos Soulstone (The boss for this soulstone can be found at Litenberg > Ice Lake Plain > Fishers Camp > Closed Waterway).


I am currently using full set of True Far-seeing Sapientia(True sets gives you 1 fixed stat), IMO you need at least 4 pieces of this set for it to be useful, 6 pieces for the extra damage and stun for Multi Kill. The extra 200% damage for Multi shot is good!

The 4 pieces for this set can be Top/Helm/Gloves/Shoes, you can use Dragon Tights for the extra 10% HP and any mythic shoulder with good stats if you don’t like the fixed attack speed stat for this set. Or if you want, you can try out 2 Secret Shadow pieces for the extra 25% Crit Dmg when using Wind sprint.

The gears should have Blue transcendent stone that gives you extra % HP

You can afford to have 1 gear to not have Cooldown reduction, you need to get at least 48% Cooldown reduction.

  • Helm: It must have either Crit rate or Cooldown Reduction, the fixed stat is Elite/Boss Monster attack +20%.
  • Shoulder: It should have at least or reroll it to Cooldown Reduction, the fixed stat is Attack Speed +5%.
  • Top: Either you use the Shadown Phantom Tunic and reroll the last stat to CDR or use the True set piece that have either Attack or Cooldown reduction, the fixed stat is Crit Rate +5%.
  • Gloves: It should have Critical Rate, you can reroll the other stat to either attack speed or Defense Penetration, the fixed stat is Crit Dmg +15%.
  • Pants: It is either Dragon Tights for the 10% HP or the true set piece, the fixed stat is Attack +54.
  • Shoes: It should have at least or reroll it to Cooldown Reduction, the fixed stat is Movement Speed +10%.

The perfect gears will be the ones with good stats and comes with high CC reduction.

Accessories: It is either the Decisive Execution set or the mythic accessories Lost Dragon Eye/Dragon Slaughterer’s Necklace and Overwhelming Ring, You can reroll it to CDR/Crit Dmg/Defense Penetration depending on what stats you get for those accessories

If you can, equip it with the Elite/Boss Damage for Green transcendent stone


Below are the skill builds I used for party/solo/Lupa 100, I am using Torment Magnetic Field skill because the passive stat for it is really high and it kills big fat mob/boss really fast, that mini stun and step backwards is really useful even in PVE, especially Lupa 100. This is a all out DPS build, Tree skill IMO is a support skill, that passive isn’t really that great either.

Normal dailies:

Just run and right click multi shot all the way =D

Lupa 100:

I use flamethrower is because it can hit multiple targets and melts the lupa mobs/elites really fast when combo with Torment Magnetic Field/Multi Kill, this build can be used with Rainbow or Hysteria.


Full all out DPS since your party have a tanker, you can switch one of the skills to Wind Sprint if you really need it for that moment like Wave/Contaminate mobs in Lupa.
You can also switch out multi kill for explosive shot.


You can switch out Wind Sprint for Green Sanctum if your party’s DPS is high to wipe the boss out fast.

Expert Skils:

These are the expert skills i used currently, will switch bombardment out to Nature Essence when Noria is up.

  • Madness Power skill – This is for the skill that gives you additional 50% and 200% MP recovery for 5 secs, the passive isn’t that good IMO.
  • Torment Magnetic Field – OP Skill!!!!! try it guys!
  • Bombardment – Self explanatory right guys?


  • Awakened Sunrise – OP AF.
  • Rainbow – This is really OP for Lupa 100, you can face tank most mobs when rainbow’s lvl 20 effect procs.
  • Hysteria – Insane Crit DMG for DPS, you can try out with in Lupa 100, but you need to have really decent gears with high HP for this to work in Lupa 100.
  • Frenzy – Dailies and Rifts for the extra movement speed.

Just hang on for Whisperer’s buff during Noria patch, Whisperer is really horrible in solo PVP now.

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