EXAPUNKS – Bonus Achievement Guide

Hints on how to get the PIZZA_PARTY, DISC_READ_ERROR, HOME_RUN, TONER_LOW, KLEPTOMANCER, BLACKOUT and RITE_OF_PASSAGE achievements, without just giving the answer away.


In this guide I’m hoping to give some subtle hints and pointers for how to unlock the “Bonus” Achievements, without just straight out telling you how to get them. There’s nothing more rewarding than working out a puzzle yourself, so I’m aiming to only give as much info as is necessary.

In this guide there will be multiple hints under each achievement, for which level to get it from and what steps to take. The hints are ordered from most vague to most explicit, so I recommend reading them from the first one down.


Throw a rave at the pizza parlor.


  • A1: The achievement text pretty much says it all, Euclid’s Pizza.


  • H1: What makes something a rave? 
  • H2: What other hardware registers are there in the level? Can any of them affect what that cam sees in the top corner?
  • H3: Maybe the next clue can help light the way. 
  • H4: Strobe lights would be ideal, we’ll have to improvise.
  • A1: Flick the lights on and off really quickly a few times and this one will unlock.


It was just doing it’s job…


  • H1: Disc Read Error… 
  • H2: That probably means somewhere where there’s a disc being read.
  • A1: Sawayama Wonderdisc.


  • H1: The poor little guy just wanted to do it’s job.
  • H2: How does the disk normally get read by the SAWAYAMA Reality – Processor? 
  • H3: How can you make that little guy stop working when you drop off a file? 
  • H4: You can be rather direct. It’s not murder if it’s an EXAbot.
  • A1: Use the kill instruction on the exa that collects the disc data.


Participate in America’s new pastime.


  • H1: American Pastime? Home Run? That sounds sports like! 
  • H2: Specifically, that sounds baseball-like. 
  • A1: Some kind of XTREME LEAGUE of BASEBALL? 


  • H1: A home run is running around all four bases, in case you weren’t aware. 
  • H2: It looks like there’s a convenient diamond over there.
  • H3: You don’t have athletes, but you do have something that can run the loop. 
  • A1: Make an EXA run through each base in the diamond on the top right.


Place a high volume work order.


  • H1: TONER LOW, the bane of printers everywhere. 
  • H2: Somewhere has a lot of printers.


  • H1: You can’t just print in this level, but you can do other things.
  • H2: Time to put the COPIES in ZEBROS COPIES.
  • H3: This one takes a bit of time to unlock. You’ll get steam achievement pop-ups along the way, so keep an eye out for those as you’re running.
  • A1: Keep writing values out to each #COPY register. Don’t forget H3 as you’re doing this one.


Verily hath every item been unduly purloined.


  • H1: We’re stealing things. We’ve done that a few times.
  • H2: Verily? Hath? What is this, medieval times? 
  • H3: Don’t leave your fantasies behind.
  • A1: Kings Ransom Online.


  • H1: Items and buildings, take the lot! 
  • H2: Items don’t have their owner’s players IDs? Well that makes things a bit tougher.
  • H3: There’s more than one way to purloin a cat.
  • H4: There’s never more than 9 items total. Seems like an oddly specific number… 
  • H5: If it’s in my home, then it’s mine.
  • H6: Don’t know the file id for all the items? Me neither! Hopefully they’re somewhere between 200 and 300.
  • A1: Grab all the items and take them back to your host.
  • A2: You’ll have to guess the file IDs. Check out pg13 of TWN Issue #1.
  • A3: Make sure to ignore the buildings while you do this.


Trigger an excessive service outage.


  • H1: Somewhere where you flip the power off. 
  • H2: Think big scale.


  • H1: Think big scale.
  • H2: The mission asks you to be precise. But who’s got the time for that? 
  • A1: Turn off every power block. Leave no block unturned-off.


You have the bog witch’s approval. Now complete the rite of passage.

This one is the hardest to find if you’re going off achievement text alone.


  • H1: Bog Witch? I don’t think we’ve met one of those.
  • H2: This sounds kind of RPG like. I would guess Kings Ransom Online.
  • H3: It’s not King’s Ransom Online.
  • H4: It is game related though. Look through some of the other files in some of the game related levels.
  • H5: It’s in a save file from some kind of hand held gaming device.


  • H1: Finding it is the hardest part. Once you get access to it it should be easy.
  • H2: You’ll need to get into the secret area first.
  • H3: Once you’re in, look for a file with the RITE OF PASSAGE.
  • H4: FALSE. Hmm, if only there was an easy way to set this to TRUE.
  • A1: Go into the secret area, open up file 220 and set the last value to TRUE. 
  • A2: You can grab the TRUE from the entry above it.
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