Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker – How to Play Offline

Guide for true offline play.

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Ever try setting Steam to offline mode, then try launching this game thinking offline is a thing? Yeah, me too. So I fiddled around and found this out.
Hey everyone, Today I’m gonna tell you all how to play Naruto in True offline mode!

All you need to do is follow my steps.

Disclaimer: While offline you will have no access to the preorder bonus, you will essentially have a fully functioning alt but have to start from scratch on it (but that shouldn’t be an issue for those of us who can’t even play online anyways).

Ok, preamble done. Guide starts now!

  • Step #1: Open NtB: Shinobi Strikers local file.
  • Step #2: Go to the following filepath:

SteamsteamappscommonNaruto To BorutoEngineBinariesThirdPartySteamworksSteamv142Win64

In there you will find steam_api64.dll.

  • Step #3: Create a new folder in that location and name it something fun, I named mine “Fill for Offline Play”.
  • Step #4: Move steam_api64.dll into that folder.
  • Step #5: Shut off WiFi and put Steam into offline mode.
  • Step #6: Launch the game.

You will be prompted to attempt to connect to the games server or play in ~Offline~ mode.

You know what option to press if youre following these steps ninja of the village hidden off the line.
Make your new offline character, and enjoy.

Again, this character will not have access to items / jutsu your online character has (as these are essentially 2 different accounts) however, you will be able to play 100% Fully, and Truly Offline. And earn all the rewards (which is a huge bonus for me because im alt crazy).

Written by IKnoThatUKno

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