The Messenger – Lecturing Achievements

Quick guide on how to get “Fine, I Won’t Open It”, “Bait Taken” and “You Said This Was A Platformer”.

Fine, I Won’t Open It

For this achievement all you have to do is interact with the closet in the shop over and over and over again. The shopkeeper’s lines will change each time until he eventually gets tired of it and lectures you with unskipable textboxes.

Bait Taken

This achievement again requires you to interact with the closet repeatedly, however at a specific point in the game. Right as you get to the top of Glacial Peak you can enter the shop, however there will be no shopkeeper. Now interacting with the closet will cause the shopkeeper to enter for a short time to tell you to stop. Again you have to repeat this until he lectures you with unskipable textboxes and you should get the achievement.

You Said This Was A Platformer

Again this requires you to be at a specific point in the story, but this time it’s the shopkeeper that you have to interact with. Right after you passed the scroll on to the next messenger, the shopkeeper invites you to open the closet. This is where you have to be noncompliant one last time and instead talk to shopkeeper over and over. Eventually he will get tired of it and engage in an unskipable philosophical monologue once more.

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