Not Tonight – Drugs Guide

Oi lad, wanna earn some cash illegally? Well here’s a guide to not fail doing that.


Ferriss gives you CheeseR’s before the Cheesefest. (He comes at day 13). Druggies wear yellow cheese hats facing right. Secret agents/cops wear orange ones facing left.

Druggie: (Give CheeseR’s to these).

Secret Agent/Cop: (Don’t give CheeseR’s to them).

Secret Agent and Druggie:

Powah Pills

Officer Jupp “unlocks” the Powah Pills in ur ShopR before Albion First January Ball (Jan Ball).
Jupp comes at the 30th.
Powah Pills druggies bubble with blue bubbles. Secret agents/cops bubble with purple ones.


Secret Agent/Cop:

Face Drops

Ferriss sends you a message before the indie fest (He sends the message at the 17th of July) and unlocks “Face Drops”. The Face drop druggies wear purple shirts with ***SHORT*** blue lines. Secret agents/cops wear Purple shirts with longer lines.


Secret Agent/Cop:


  • Every time you sell 1 drug of any kind – you lose 1 social score.
  • Every time you sell a drug to a cop/wrong person – you lose 10 social score.

Note: I didn’t include Ferriss’ drug from chapter 3 cuz u cant sell it and its only for story ok.

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