Chrono Trigger – Hunting Grounds Nu Farming

A guide to effectively farming the Nu in the Hunting Range in pre-history, with images and tips. You can check every spawn in one single rain!

Getting Started

Before getting started, there are some preparations you can make to help the process go smoothly and quickly….depending on your level, progession, and goal.

First, some information on the Nu itself, and its’ drops.

  • HP: 1234
  • XP: 248
  • AP: 30
  • G: 0 
  • Weakness / Immunity / Absorb: None
  • Charm: Mop
  • Drops: None (3 of Petal, Fang, Horn, and Feather each AFTER battle)

Pretty basic. Cute how its’ HP is 1234….and the HP, XP, and AP start with 1, 2, 3 eh?
This Nu is unique in that, despite reports, I have only seen it use one attack. Ever. This attack lowers any characters HP to 1, regardless of defense or current HP. If your HP is already 1, it does 0 damage. I also believe other creatures here are the same in that, if you have 1 HP, their attacks will do 0. With about 4-5 hours of time spent here, I have never had a character be KO’d in the Hunting Grounds, but this is in no way a gurantee because they die so quickly that I may not have seen all of their attacks. You should still save often regardless. The power could go out -_-

With that being said, in my experience the quickest method of farming its’ battle drops is equipping two physical characters with Berserker Rings….assuming you don’t intend on charming it every single time. While the Nu does have lower magical defense than physical defense, the time it takes to cast will most likely not edge out the increased speed and offense of the Berserk status, at higher or lower levels. (At least until the point that one magic attack will kill it) A counter attack accesory will suffice on the third member.

A good party at any level would be Chrono, Ayla, and Robo. Both Chrono and Ayla are fast and powerful, while Robo has a cheap multi heal just incase you aren’t convinced nothing can kill you. Robo also has the physical power to make a counter attack useful. For other party members plan accordingly. A team of Lucca, Marle, andJanuswill obviously be faster using magic attacks with Studs or Specs.

Information on Spawn

The Nu only appears during rain, which occurs roughly every 45 seconds to a minute. The Nu has 3 (4?) spawn points that never change. Contrary to some information, the Nu can and will spawn right next to you. There is also a chance that NO Nu will spawn. If this happens twice or more in a row, I’ve found that exiting and re-entering the Grounds seems to rebalance the chances.

It is possible to check all 3 (4?) spawn points in one single rain session.
It’s possible, but you cannot waste a single second.

These spawns are at the top right, bottom right, and top left of the map. The questionable 4th spawn is the lower left of the map. If you are playing in 16:9 aspect ratio, we still check the bottom left in this method but I have yet to see a single Nu spawn there. If you have lost time by running into a wall or otherwise stalling, the 4th spawn is your safety net…. Skip it.

Because one of the Nu’s is on a higher elevation than the others, this is the only path that will allow you to check every spawn while still actually being able to fight it.

Note that, even if you are miliseconds away from the rain ending, you may still be able to touch the Nu while it is preparing to “despawn”. Doing so seems to be some form of glitch, as the Nu will howl and your characters will prepare for battle, but after a red flash the Nu despawns and still gives you the Petals, Fangs, Horns, and Feathers.

The Nu must not already be retreating, the window seems to be in the range of just 4 or 5 FRAMES between the rain ending, and the Nu physically walking away. Speaking to the Nu while it is walking away will NOT produce this effect.

Route de Farm

Note that all regular enemies despawn during rain.

Begin at the top right of the map, and stand at this position. It does not have to be exact, but the closer you are to it, the more miliseconds you will shave off your time.

Chrono Trigger - Hunting Grounds Nu Farming

Note the little tuft of flowers at the top center of the image. This is your marker of where the first Nu will appear. Also, do not worry about having to ‘refresh’ the screen. The Nu will walk to its’ spawn whether it is on camera or not.

Chrono Trigger - Hunting Grounds Nu Farming

The Nu will appear on screen the second the rain starts even before the screen is completely faded.

Chrono Trigger - Hunting Grounds Nu Farming

If there is no Nu here, make like lightning and run south immediately. The second Nu spawns on an elevation above you. It is imperative that your eyes already be focused on its’ spawn because if the Nu is there, immediately make a 180 and go back.

Chrono Trigger - Hunting Grounds Nu Farming

The main way up there are vines next to the first Nu, shown here:

Chrono Trigger - Hunting Grounds Nu Farming

Note the reference tuft of flowers, this time at the top right. Climb the vines and bolt southeast. Going diagonally seems to be faster than going in a single direction.

If the first and second Nu are not at their spawns, continue on the first floor of the jungle going down and around all the way to the far left of the map.

If you want to check the possible 4th spawn, and you are in 16:9 widescreen, then run to the far southwest BUT STOP here:

Chrono Trigger - Hunting Grounds Nu Farming

If you go too far left it can be annoying to go north from there. I have never seen a Nu here, but I still feel it may be possible.

Afterwards, head up north west using this “secret” path under the tree tops:

Chrono Trigger - Hunting Grounds Nu Farming
Chrono Trigger - Hunting Grounds Nu Farming

The third Nu should be here.

Chrono Trigger - Hunting Grounds Nu Farming

It will take a few tries to get down perfectly, partially because some of the path is hidden. If you did not see any Nu, I’m sorry. Get back into your original position and try again, or leave and re-enter the Hunting Range to ‘reset’ the chances if it has happened multiple times.

Spoils of Raw

The Raw is supposed to be the sound the Nu makes…instead of spoils of war….eh forget it, it was lame. I’m sorry.

Anyway, you should farm the Nu as soon as you are able to in the story in order for Ayla to learn Charm as fast as possible. I suggest using this time to bring up characters that are behind in TP as well, like Frog who learns magic later than the others.

“But Jenny! He drops 0 Gold and no items!! How make moniez?!” I hear in your mind…somehow. Well, after you get 99 or so of all four trading items, simply trade them all in for these two weapons:

Before the party defeats Magus:

  • Petal + Feather = Stone Arm [sells for 3,750G]
  • Fang + Horn = Mammoth Tusk [sells for 3,250 G]

After the party defeats he who shall not be named:

  • Petal + Feather = Magma Hand [sells for 5,600 G]
  • Fang + Horn = Primeval Blade [sells for 6,250 G]

There is no faster way of turning them in however, so be prepared to go through the menu repeatedly. Assuming you get 30 weapons each:

  • 30 x Stone Arms = 112,500 G
  • 30 x Mammoth Tusks = 97,500 G
  • All 60 = 210,00 G

Not a bad chunk of change. It only goes up from there. The last trade offer is for 10 of each item for Ruby Armor, but it is not worth farming at that point. Keep in mind that Gold does not transfer through New Game+, so don’t bother farming up to the gold cap.

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