Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age – How to Get the Puff-Puff Buff Achievement

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Puff-Puff Buff Achievement

Awarded for experiencing the pleasure of the Puff-Puff in all its many forms.

There are a total of eight locations you’ll need to visit to unlock this achievement:

  • Location #1 – Hotto, outside the sauna. 
  • Location #2 – Gallopolis, women in a yellow dress and blue sleeves. She is outside the armor/weapon shops.
  • Location #3 – Gondolia, upper-right section of the map. She is standing by three barrels in a green/black dress.
  • Location #4 – Octagonia: Upper Floor and to the right.
  • Location #5 – Phnom Nonh, second floor of the bar, hang a right and she is on the balcony by the two beds.
  • Location #6 – Sniflheim has two: in the building with the bank, immediately to the right in the corner and then head to the docks, hang a left and by the silver bell.
  • Location #7 – Octagonia: Casino VIP Room, right-hand side.
  • Location #8 – The Battleground – level B9. Head to the bottom and you’ll find her here:

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