Rainbow Six Siege – How to Play Montagne (Advanced Guide)

A complete guide to playing Montagne, aka Monty. Including common strats, why Monty, how to work with others, how to deal with specific operators and suggestions for every map, site and objective type.

Why Play as Monty?

There’s a few good reasons to choose Monty over other operators:

1) Your aim sucks – if you want to play at high ranks but your aim isn’t quite on par with everyone else, he could be for you.

2) You are naturally cautious – this is a trait that is vital to Monty. If you worry someone could be about to kill you at any moment, then you have the right mindset for Monty. This is ofcourse the opposite to Blitz, who requires a generally aggressive playstyle.

3) You have good game sense/map knowledge – if you’ve put the hours in to the game, know all the angles and strats for every objective and site, then you’re ideally suited to taking Monty and cutting holes in the defensive strat. Monty is almost unstoppable vs known threats, it’s the surprise attacks that he’s vulnerable to. So map knowledge is key to survival.

4) You’re calm under pressure and very very thorough – this is vital. Being cautious is one thing. But you need to handle the pressure, and think very clearly while several people rain bullets on you. You need to be able to keep track of several operators at once, as well as your team mates and go through the mental check list in your mind as you walk to the objective.

How to Distract as Monty

General Principles of Distraction.

Distraction involves the careful art of harassing your opponents and taking their attention away from your team mates while keeping yourself alive. You want to get as much of their gadgets/utility and attention so that the rest of your team can do their work in peace or at an advantage.

Here’s what you can do in different scenarios:

1 vs 1: There’s no real advantage here to anyone, so in order to get the advantage, you need to either make good call outs, ping, or ask for backup. Or you’ll want to make your way toward the objective, while not exposing your back to them. Try to get them to use up their gadgets on you while 1 vs 1 before moving further. Grenades and C4 for example will be much more dangerous if a second defender comes.

1 vs 2: This is actually advantage Monty. Because if 2 are on you and you’re safe, you can do call outs and ping, while your other 4 team mates fight vs 3. Keep yourself safe by finding a doorway to block ideally, or failing that, a hard wall.

1 vs 3: Potentially very good for Monty. But a bit dangerous. So long as you assess who everyone is, what gadgets they have and can get yourself a doorway, you should be fine. But be very wary of any blindspots you might have. Often a defender will be willing to run out, flank you, whatever it takes to get an easy kill from behind. If you think there’s a ♥♥♥ in your armour, don’t feel bad backing out to the safety of outside. If you can get them to come outside, at least your team will see them.

1 vs 4: Bad idea. Get out of there!

2 vs 1: This is a good, but potentially dangerous situation. Against noobs, they’ll empty their clips on you, and their gadgets and stare at you while your team mate kills them. But vs a skilled defender, they will stare intently behind you looking for your backup, while ready to shoot you in the head/foot. So… either:

  • a) communicate with your team mate so they flank or are ready to shoot when you strafe. 
  • b) try to move around them, so the angle between you and your team mate is closer to 180 and the defender can’t possibly shoot you both. If the shooter is fixated on your team mate, then let your shield go down and then extend it again. This will test the defender to see how he/she will react. Once you know if they will react to it or not, you can either repeat it to keep distracting them. Or you can whip out your gun and start shooting. If they are already shooting your team mate, then take the shot!

3 vs 1: This is such a huge advantage, the main risk here is that your team mates are stupid and get themselves killed. In this situation, i advise telling your team mates to chill, stay alive and leave it to you. There is no way a team with a Monty at the end should lose. Tell them to wait for your ping/callouts and proceed into the objective.

How to 1 vs 1 with Monty

One of the most common scenarios you’ll face is 1 vs 1. If you really want to engage the defender and not just distract. If you know there’s no backup and the defender doesn’t have any either. If you two are the last one’s alive for example, then you’ll need to win the 1 vs 1. Here’s how.

Melee kills

The safest method is going to be to melee them. This is how:

  • Keep your shield extended.
  • Walk towards them.
  • Try to trap them in a corner or cul de sac with no where else to run.
  • Once you’re close enough that they would struggle to aim at your feet or head, unextend your shield and immediately melee. 

It’s one swift and fast action if done properly and gives them little chance to counter it.

Pistol / Magnum ADS kill

Once the defender has emptied their mag, you may have a chance to get a kill with your gun. Here’s how:

  • Wait until they empty their mag on you and need to reload. 
  • Try to herd them into a place where they would have no where to go to reload. 
  • Keep moving back and forward and extend/unextend your shield so they don’t quite know what you’re going to do. It’ll throw them off when you finally do shoot. Be sure to move back as you unextend to avoid getting melee’d.
  • When you see them go to reload, thats your chance. Keep in mind you only get one chance at this. 

Keep them out of the Objective

On secure the area, a fun way to win is to simply prevent the defender from getting in. Especially good vs a 3 speed. Herd them out of the room and don’t allow them back in.

Oregon Hints and Tips


The basement site is the most popular on Oregon and getting into the objective can be tricky. My advice would be the following.

  • Start at the main entrance, as it’s a busy area with a lobby, basement stairs, garage door, meeting room doorway, a corridoor and a small open room. Very angerous for your team mates, who will likely want to open up the hatch. 
  • Enter at the small room next to the lobby, or the garage and check for enemies. Ideally youll have a drone in the meeting room and therefore just need to face towards the corridoor and the stairs. A team mate will probably have the stairs covered. 
  • Alternatively have a quick glance upstairs to check or roamers. 
  • As dangerous as it may seem, I would go down the main basement stairs from the lobby. This outs you into the objective, where you can either plant or point out the many defenders you’ll see. you can keep your back to the wall and move right around the table until you can see the corridoor and the whole objective. 
  • Alternatively hug the wall of the stairs and edge towards the little alcove where defenders tend to sit. 

Other routes: Construction can be a bit risky, as Monty lacks any firepower to open up walls. And will have to expose himself if he attacks from the back. Where as the basement stairs will usually be protected by your team mates on the hatch.


With this site, it won’t take you long to get into the objective and have a good view. And there are many options.

  • Start at the armoury room and make your way into the corridoor and try to clear the bedroom next. 
  • Start at the bedroom balcony, clear the bedroom and you might even get lucky like i did a few times and find someone camping in the sealed off little room. They’ll have nowhere to run and be ripe for a melee. 
  • Start on the roof and just look directly into the objective through the main dorms window. be careful not to go in until you’e sure theres no smoke or traps. 
  • Go straight up the white stairs leading to the dorms. I don’t like this as much as you can’t go anywhere once youre in and could be flanked by a roamer. But its the fastest way in. 


This site is ideal for Monty and as long as you’re cautious, you should get a good result here:

  • Go straight to the objective room, open up the door, harass them a bit to check for smokes or other traps. Then go in. Either smoke and plant when your team mates have them occupied. Or move in to the objective, keeping your back against the reinforced walls. try to head towards the large doorway so as to distract them and keep their eyes off the door where your team mates are. 
  • A more dangerous and aggressive option would be to attack the back of the kitchen and push any Miras or other defenders out of the room. It is however prone to flanking. Probably better that your team mates do that.
Written by ThePeeje

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