Heat Signature – Infinite Earnings Glitch

This is a little glitch i happened upon while playing so i thought i would share it. It allows for potentially infinite earnings.

What to Do

To preform this glitch you need a cleared ship (all enemies incapacitated or killed) with engines and a control center, you also need a self-charging remote grenade launcher. remote is one of the most important parts as you need the grenades undetonated in order to do this.

Find any ship, type and size doesn’t matter, and clear it. once cleared, immediately begin spamming grenades from the launcher. after you have fired a satisfactory amount of grenades, take control of the ship and capture it. to capture a ship, get to and use the flight controls and press the button to navigate to the nearest friendly station. capturing a ship automatically sells all items that arent marked for the stash onboard the ship. this includes the grenades. you can get 2 credits per grenade. its tedious but it works. the glitch can be preformed to a much more limited degree with restockable remote grenade launchers.

Written by Super Blaster

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