Blink:Rogues – Single Player Basics

Gameplay basics for the single player campaign.

Story and Memento Cubes

Single player campaign revolves around famed local gun Lucius Ahala and the VOID organisation that enlist his support for a couple of missions.

During the first 4 missions available in Early Access, the players will get to know Lucius, and other main protagonists like Commander Titan, Tanya or Isaac.

Each mission will begin with a briefing that details what and why the player needs to do. If can also be skipped if needed. During some briefings, Memento cubes may be unlocked, and the player can read their content (this pauses the briefing).

Memento cubes are our chosen way of supplying more information about the world and the characters, for those interested to pursue this info. They can be also unlocked during missions, and are available anytime in the Single Player submenu.

Gameplay Basics

During each mission, the player controls the ship in the LEFT SCREEN. The ship in the right is your sidekick, that is flying or not in the same timeline with you.

You move the ship and fire the three weapons via the buttons shown in the central area of the screen. You can also Blink between the two screens, either when the mission requires you to, or when you feel like it (to pick some ammo, or to snipe some enemies). Very important, you need to have Blink time available to make a Blink jump, but the timer refreshes, giving you 10 seconds of Blink time every minute.

Some missions will give you access to a Special Power. This are a temporary boost of different sorts, that the players can activate as long as they have charges available. Charges accumulate by themselves over time.

Most missions have a simple underlying purpose: shoot and destroy enemies for points. Some Boss enemies have modules that need to be destroyed firsthand in order to make them vulnerable to player weapons.

Pick ammo for the weapons from the destroyed enemies, and also repair kits that will replenish your HP.

Different dialogue scenes can be skipped by pressing the relevant button that appears on the screen. Also, the mission objectives can be shown or hidden using the same button.

Scoring and Leaderboards

Each enemy ship that you destroy gives you points and increase your multiplier score, to a maximum of 5x. Ships that you ram into give you no points and reset your multiplier to 1x, beside incurring damage.

Each time you get damaged by enemy fire, your multiplier resets to 1x. Also, whenever your ship get destroyed, you lose 10% of your score, beside the 3 seconds downtime in which you can’t shoot.

So, one apparent secret to making a high score seems avoiding hits. Others would argue that some targets are worth many more points with a big multiplier, and are worth more risks. And that multiplier can be increased pretty quickly. Last, but not least, are those who consider blinking often into the right screen to pick the most valuable targets.

One thing is for certain: each time you complete a mission, your score is saved in the leaderboard (if it’s better than your previous score, of course). So it’s up to you what strategy to take in order to make it to the top of the leaderboard!

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