BLOCKPOST – All Console Commands

All available console commands.

How to Activate Commands

To open the console press at any time of the game F10. Press Enter to apply the command.

General Commands

  • showfps 1/0 – hide/show FPS.
  • clearprefs – clear all “prefs”. i.e. clears data related to what kind of sight is worn on which weapon, what skin do you have, etc.
  • lefthand 1/0 – for left-handers.
  • sun N N – rotate the sun on the map at given coordinates (x,y).
  • clearent – clear all “ents” (spawns) in the map editor.
  • fps_max N – sets the maximum FPS.
  • sens N – sets sensitivity.
  • zoomsens N – sets sensitivity in zoom.
  • quit – closes the game.
  • hud 0/1 – hide/show hud (interface).
  • hideweapon – hide weapon (switch the weapon so that it becomes visible again).
  • disablesun – turn off the sun (you can’t turn on sun after this command).

Render Viewer

  • obj Name – place the model in .obj format into the scene in the “render viewer”.
  • dof_enable 0/1 – enable/disable dof (depth of field). Useful for arts/renders in the “render viewer”.
  • dof_fl N – changes focal length of camera (works only if “dof_enable 1”).
  • dof_fs N – changes focal size of camera (works only if “dof_enable 1”).
  • dof_ap N – change aperture of camera (works only if “dof_enable 1”).
  • dof_debug 0/1 – debug function for DOF.

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