Phantom Doctrine – Tech Upgrades Flowchart

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Tech Upgrades Flowchart

After a meticulous examination of the Tech-Upgrades system, it eventually became obvious to me that the “chaotic” assembly of those 113 different elements needed some sort of Flowcharting device to expose various paths & other important factors.

Soooo.. in order to hit the cohesive goals set forth, i’ve created 15 distinct Categories which were distributed onto three unique images along with their custom GFX assets. Every worthy details are processed under & within descriptive Glyphs that should offer direct information about every instances.

Two major gameplay rules dictate how and when this whole tree develops…

  • Storyline missions are the main source of unlocked items.
  • Your own approach to cost & time restrictions.

As a result.. here’s the essential structure in place with how many Techs per category in parenthesis. Those are then represented by the images inserted below. Click to grab!

PART-1 = Crew Quarters (9) + Identity (9) + Infirmary (4) + Body Engineering (4) + Tactical Support (11) + Tactical Equipment (5) + Workshop (2).

Phantom Doctrine - Tech Upgrades Flowchart

PART-2 = Informers (8) + World Map (9) + Comms (4) + Analytics (5) + HideOut/Strategy Layer (13) + Forger (7).

Phantom Doctrine - Tech Upgrades Flowchart

PART-3 = MK-Ultra .. MK-Expansions or Unlocked Tasks (3+7) & Variations (13).

Phantom Doctrine - Tech Upgrades Flowchart

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