Super Seducer 2 – Best Endings and Achievement Guide

Chapter 1: Posh Totty vs Supermodel

Ending: Get A Number

  • 1. Go and tell her she cought your eye and can you join her for a few mins.
  • 2. Order a tea, cake, something for her.
  • 3. Ignore him, switch the phone to silent.
  • 4. I work for a pharmaceutical company and make YT videos (truth).
  • 5. Continue talking to girl in cafe.
  • 6. Talk about how it’s cool to meet people like her that are not boring.
  • 7. Use a question from the Marcel Proust questionnaire.
  • 8. Help the granny up.
  • 9. Say it’s nothing serious, just a twinge.
  • 10. If you could wake up anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  • 12. Hide from her.
  • 13. Suggest feeding squirrels together or maybe just meet for a drink.
  • 14. You pay because you are a gentleman.
  • 15. Take her number, arrange to meet again.

Ending: Have Sex

  • 1. Go and tell her she cought your eye and can you join her for a few mins.
  • 2. Order a tea, cake, something for her.
  • 3. Ignore him, switch the phone to silent.
  • 4. I work for a pharmaceutical company and make YT videos (truth).
  • 5. Approach girl in car.
  • 17. Be direct and say she looks amazing and you didn’t want to lose the chance to meet her.
  • 18. Validate her that she is open and friendly.
  • 19. Ask her if she is spontaneous or boring.
  • 20. I‘ve got 20 minutes. I’ll pay for the juice, you pay for the gasoline.
  • 21. After training there is nothing better than a massage.
  • 22. Tell her no that you are very honest.
  • 23. Let’s say ♥♥♥ the juice bar, and come to my house for juice.
  • 24. Say that you respect whatever decision she makes!
  • 25. Find out about her passions.
  • 26. Have a little spar and then judo throw her onto the sofa.
  • 27. Say that this is so cool, that you are both sober, and she’s spontaneous and not boring.
  • 28. Have sex.

Chapter 2: Boss and Secretary

Ending: Date

  • 1. Voucher for yoga lessons.
  • 3. Ask her to fax some contracts and rearrange a meeting.
  • 4. Professional because it’s an office.
  • 5. Tell her it’s not a big problem, but to be more careful in future.
  • 6. Give her a personal task to perform for you and reveal some personal info.
  • 7. Talk about how her weekend was.
  • 8. Give her career advice and mentor her.
  • 9. Invite her to a fancy networking evening event tomorrow.
  • 10. Play it cool when there.
  • 12. Smartly persuade everyone to your view.
  • 14. Use referencing to the business trip to find out if she is single.
  • 15. Give her 1000$ and tell her to buy some fancy snacks and wine for everyone.
  • 16. More informal.
  • 17. Coolly invite her to a date.

Chapter 3: Interracial Dating

Ending: Get a Number

  • 1. Most Asian guys think the same thing and won’t approach so you have a better chance.
  • 2. Tell him to be expressive because Western girls think Asian guys are to poker faced.
  • 3. Give her a direct compliment.
  • 4. Chinese (truth).
  • 5. Teach her to say “I like you”.
  • 6. Travel.
  • 7. Tell her that Asian guys think Western girls are not so feminine or ladylike.
  • 8. Demonstrate some value by talking about Buddhism.
  • 9. Go to help him.
  • 10. I’m not interested in being friends with you. I have too many friends already.
  • 11. Show her how interesting it is and touch her.
  • 12. As a single girl, I was wondering whether you are into dating apps or mainly meet people in real life.
  • 13. Suggest meeting for a meal sometimes just the two of them.

Chapter 4: Older Mahmoud, Younger Woman

Ending: Invite her to Party

  • 0a. Anything but Actual honest picture.
  • 0b. Fancy restaurant.
  • 1. Admit a mistake by your PA, apologise.
  • 2. Give her lots of compliments and make her feel good.
  • 3. Say you have a family business, YKK zips.
  • 4. Make an assumption about her based on her interests.
  • 5. Ask him about his future career plans.
  • 6. Tell her she is too young for you and ask whether she is mature.
  • 7. High status like you are interviewing someone for a job.
  • 8. Call her out on her phone usage.
  • 9. The teenage app? You said you were mature.
  • 10. We just met but if it turns out I can trust you, you won’t have any problems.
  • 11. Give some advice on what to do, to follow her passion.
  • 12. Invite her to charity party.

Chapter 5: Strip Club

Ending: Get a Number

  • 1. Leave it, stop playing, and go to the strip club.
  • 2. Dull Tuesday.
  • 3. Soft trousers. 
  • 4. Go to sit down and give the stripper you like good eye contact.
  • 5. Ask if she chose the stage name for a special reason? 
  • 6. Tell her you approve of her name as it is subtle.
  • 7. My real name is Richard but my stage name is Rivinda.
  • 8. Tell her to just sit next to you.
  • 9. Tell her that she is sexy but you are into the entire package not just looks.
  • 10. Tell her then move conversation away from sex.
  • 11. Challenge her to be more precise.
  • 12. Suggest that she can earn money from the other guys then come back to you.
  • 13. Find out her real name.
  • 14. Connect on it and offer to buy her a cocktail at the bar.
  • 15. You share some of your passions and make very clear statements about what you want from life.
  • 16. Suggest meeting for food one day when she is not working.
  • 17. Record her using voice memo.

Chapter 6: Looking for a One Night Stand

Ending: Find the Right Partner

  • 2. Smile a lot and look around the room.
  • 3. Open to the room.
  • 4. Adjust clothes and primp hair.
  • 5. Use Adam Lyon’s “Invisible dance partner” routine.
  • 5A. Pretend to be upper class.
  • 5B. Suggest meeting another day for a date.
  • 6. No.
  • 7. No.
  • 8. No.
  • 9. Yes. 
  • 11. Laugh and say “maybe”.
  • 12. Ask him 3 qualities that he has.
  • 13. See if he will buy you a bottle of Champagne.
  • 14. Tease him about his phone.
  • 15. Compliment his lovely little hands.
  • 16. “Okay fine”.

Chapter 7: Comedy Interlude

Ending: Successful Performance

  • 0. Respectful Introduction.
  • 1. Welcome Everyone.
  • 2. Self deprecating joke about Scottish food.
  • 3. Self deprecating stuff about being tall.
  • 4. Sex.
  • 5. Testicles on Holiday.

Chapter 8: Girl Looking for a Serious Relationship

Ending: Find a Good Man

  • 2. In the middle of the bar.
  • 3. Smile and have fun with your girlfriend.
  • 4. Be friendly to him and get his name.
  • 5. Make brief eye contact and smile.
  • 6. Reject Him.
  • 7. Deal with him quickly and politely.
  • 8. Go to the bathroom, walk slowly, hold eye contact a little as you go past.
  • 11. Be quite friendly.
  • 12. Ask what are his favourite bars and clubs and which nights are good where.
  • 13. Find out whether he knows whisky is Bourbon.
  • 14. Say that it’s too violent but ask what he likes about it.
  • 15. Lightly tease him about how active he isn’t.
  • 16. Ask what he looks for in a woman.
  • 17. Ask his longest relationship.
  • 18. Ask about his relationship with his mum and dad.
  • 20. Logically explain why not but say you’d be happy to meet him another time.

Chapter 9: Girl in Group of Guys

Ending: Take her Home

  • 1. Befriend another girl and send her in.
  • 2B. Bet her that that girl is wearing the same shoes (she isn’t).
  • 6. Say you thought she was rude before but actually she is cool.
  • 7. Brush him off.
  • 8. Steer the conversation back.
  • 9. Go to dance with her.
  • 10. Do dancefloor limbo with a scarf.
  • 11. I don’t know if I’d describe myself as a feminist but I believe in equality of opportunity.
  • 12. Say that the game is great.
  • 13. I’ll go if she wants me to, she can make her own mind up.

Chapter 10: Dating App

Ending: Get a Date

  • 1. Stick.
  • 2. A picture of you with a cat.
  • 3. Joke about your cat allergy (since you have cat pics).
  • 4. Yes because Tinder+ people have priority when it comes to matches.
  • 5. Be more selective.
  • 6. Swipe left (don’t choose her).
  • 7. The worst picture is probably most true to life.
  • 8. Hey Tanya, Tech business…Interesting. Are you more of a Jeff Bezos or Zukerberg fan?
  • 9. I’m not gonna reveal that immediately 🙂 first tell me 3 interesting things about yourself.
  • 10. Been busy. I’m just driving. So you had a while to think about it, I’m looking forward to hearing those 3 interesting things about you 😉
  • 11. I like people who are creative, so I’m guessing that you are spontaneous too?
  • 12. I wasn’t gonna ask you to send me a dirty picture, I was gonna ask you to send a nice selfie with a smile. Send here or iMessage me.
  • 13. Leave her hanging while you eat.
  • 14. I’m old fashioned, so if we go on a date, I’m going to be taking your coat, opening the door, pulling out your chair and obviously I insist on paying.
  • 15. Do you go to the gym a lot or you are one of those people that girls hate who eat burgers and still looks like a swimwear model? 
  • 16. Listen I’m happy to answer that, I’ll call you in 5, that gives you time to prepare your best phone voice 😉 
  • 17. I’m Kind, very decisive, ambitious and why don’t you tell me the third one since you know me a little bit by now.
  • 18. We need to meet first, because life doesn’t work that way. Obviously I find her attractive, I guess I’m open to both.
  • 19. Why don’t you arrange a date for us, I’m free tuesday and thursday, which one would work best for Tanya? 
  • 20. That’s a shame, I was thinking we could go to Heroes, that amazing new cocktail bar.
  • 21. You know what, I love going out for dinner, but it’s a little bit too formal, so that’s more for a 2nd date.


You Dun Bro. Almost
Finished all levels. Get this and you are guaranteed to always get all the girls 80% of the time.
Just finish chapter 1 – 10.

Super Duper Seducer
Get the best ending in all levels. Get this and you are 100% guaranteed to usually get all the girls in real life.
Get the best endings (Super Seducer Endings) in chapter 1 – 10.

Crush your enemies, hear the lamentations of their women
Show these internet guys what happens when they run their mouths.
In Chapter 1:
3. Call Mahmoud.

2 in One Night
Sleep with 2 people in the same night. Gross.
In Chapter 6:
5b. Take him to the bathroom for a quick shag.

Too Sexy for My (Sleeveless Denim) Shirt
Leave with the legend Denis.
In Chapter 8:
20. Check his ♥♥♥ size first.

Thanks for the support bro
Stand up for what is right.
In Chapter 9:
12. Say that game is great.

Hayfever sufferer’s revenge
You’ll never see hayfever the same way again.
In Chapter 7:
2. Disgusting hay fever joke.

Boss move
Deal with the waiter in the best way.
In Chapter 4:
5. Call in your security guard.

Amoral or is it immoral?
Choose the lies that you can get away with but that are just wrong.
In Chapter 1:
4. Marketing manager and I make YT videos, but I really like poetry.
In Chapter 1: 9. It happened when I was picking up a baby that was walking out onto the road (lie).
In Chapter 3:
5. Teach her to say “I am horny, please help me” but make her think she is saying she likes cats.

Alistair Martin
Re-live Alistair’s famously awkward and awful moment from 2008 Covent Garden.
In Chapter 1: 8. Laugh out loud.

Alex Kay
Embody a drunk Alex and re-live an often seen scene.
In Chapter 3:9. Try to steal your friend’s girl.

Written by A Gentle Elf

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