House Party – How to Get the Smooth Operator: Ashley Achievement

Smooth Operator Ashley (from a new House Party game).

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Smooth Operator: Ashley

Smooth talk your way to Ashley’s affection without completing her story-line.


  • Get Frank to beat up Patrick. 
  • Chat up Ashley and only say positive things. 
  • Give Whipped Cream, Patrick’s Merlot and the Chardonnay to Stephanie and get her to dance naked. 
  • Get Brittney downstairs. 
  • Give Madison her phone, ask for a reward, being the opportunity to prank Ashley, turn around and dump beer on Madison (must have Natty Lite in inventory). 
  • Talk to Ashley then Secure her top. 
  • Talk to Derek then ask Ashley to show you her room. 
  • Finish what you came to her room to do. 
  • Achievement unlocked.

Full Walkthrough

From the front door, head to the left and talk to Frank:

  • I’m completely sober! 
  • I’m gonna go drink some orange juice.

Talk to Patrick: 

  • What can I do to help? 
  • I’ll keep an eye out. 
  • Opportunity discovered: Get the man some drugs! 
  • Run inside, upstairs, Madison’s room (top of stairs), master bathroom, grab painkillers from behind the door you just walked through. 
  • Run to Patrick and give him Painkillers. 
  • See you around Patrick.
  • Talk to Patrick again. 
  • You should watch out for Frank.
  • How the hell do you even have a bottle of wine with frank around.
  • I think I’ll pass on putting anything that’s been down your pants in my mouth. Thanks though. 

Talk to Ashley:

  • Ashley! So are you the Co-Host of this Party? 
  • Co-host it is.
  • Tell me about the guests of the evening, Ashley.
  • Tell me more about your friends.
  • Yeah, me and Derek go way back. He’s a great pal. 
  • I hope we do just that. 

Talk to Frank:

  • Patrick called you an /ss-licking fart monkey! 
  • I’ll grab the popcorn. or “I’m gonna go drink some orange juice. See you Later, Frank”.
  • Wait for Frank to start the fight to cause Patrick to drop MERLOT. Use CTRL, grab the MERLOT and run it to a different room and pick it up out of sight of Frank. 
  • This will cause Ashley to comment on Frank beating up Patrick at some point in your conversation with her. 

Talk to Stephanie:

  • Nice to meet you Stephanie! 
  • You look like you’re having fun. 
  • Stephanie wants some Whip-Its. 
  • Hmm. I’ll see what I can do. What’s in it for me though? 
  • Opportunity Discovered: I’m not whipped, bro! 
  • I’ll see you around. 
  • Go to fridge, move items out of the way to grap Whipped cream. 
  • Run upstairs into the laundry room and grab Chardonnay from top shelf of the utility closet. 
  • Give Whipped cream to stephanie. 
  • The game will warn you that giving Stephanie the whipped cream will get her too high to progress further in her opportunity to find her calling in life. 
  • Give it to her anyways. 
  • Good to know, stephanie. Good to Know. 
  • Talk to her again and select “Those are some pretty sweet dance moves you’ve got there!” 
  • Give Stephanie the Merlot. 
  • No sweat! 
  • Start Opportunity Lets lower some inhibitions (1/2).
  • Give Stephanie Chardonnay. 
  • Maybe you should go a little easy… ah Nevermind. 
  • Go to thermostat by door to the garage and select “Tamper” while selecting the thermostat. 
  • Those are some pretty sweet dance moves you got there! 
  • So what do you say you liven up this party even more and dance topless? 
  • Complete Opportunity Lets lower some inhibitions (2/2).
  • I support this endeavor.

Talk to Brittney:

  • Hey there, are you okay? There’s a party going on down there. 
  • Are you kidding? That top looks great on you. 
  • Anytime! 
  • Talk to brittney again. 
  • Oh look. Here you are all by yourself again. 
  • Opportunity Discovered: Breast Diversion.

Talk to Ashley:

  • There was somebody you forgot to mention. What about Brittney? 
  • I’m going to help her realize there’s nothing to worry about. 
  • It starts with 4, I think. 

Talk to Brittney:

  • I got stephanie to dance topless downstairs! 
  • Glad I could help! 

Wait for Ashley to force you into a conversation when she says “You got Brittney to come out of her cave!”

  • Well Thank you very much.
  • Grab a Natty Lite. 
  • Run upstairs to Madison’s room (right at top of stairs). Go to bathroom and grab the phone on the sink. 
  • Give phone to Madison.
  • So is there a reward for returning your phone? I feel like maybe a kiss or something is in order. 
  • Hells to the yeah Mads! I’m your Guy! How do we get started? 
  • Madison will reveal she spilled beer all over Ashley. 
  • Got it!
  • Selected Madison and pick “Throw beer on”. Karma sucks. 
  • You can give it but not take it? 
  • Madison will get angry and run upstairs to dry off. This doesn’t seem to negatively impact your relationship with her. 
  • Missed Opportunity: Smooth Operator – Madison.
  • If Ashley is in the room she will comment on the scene through a forced conversation explaining that she was a victim of Madison’s “spilled” drink and thanks you for getting back at her. If not, she will come find you and force a conversation letting you know she heard about what you did and will thank you for getting back at Madison for her. 
  • Glad I could Help! 
  • Go behind Ashley and secure her top. You have to get a good angle for Ashley’s top to show as selectable. 
  • Happy to Help! 

Derek will approach you and say you’re hitting it off with Ashley:

  • I think you’re right.
  • What’s been eating you up? or “I’ll keep you updated”.
  • “You got it, Derek
    Speak with Ashley.
    You’re Madison’s sister? I never would have guessed. You’re way hotter than she is!”.
  • What’s the deal with you and Madison.
  • I’d like to see your room.
  • Smooth operate – Ashley Completed! 
  • Opportunity Missed: Change of heart. 
  • Right behind you. 

Follow ashley to room and shut door:

  • Ashley will ask you to take a seat. 
  • Nice couch! 
  • Select middle cushion and sit. Ashley will talk about her history with madison then tell you to scoot over. 
  • Yeah, join me! 
  • Ashley will ask you if anything pops out to you from her room. 
  • Yeah, you. will make Ashley appreciate how you get straight to the point and allows you to skip straight to “Well…” 
  • What about the guitar.
  • And the whiteboard? 
  • Are you serious.
  • Oddly enough, that story got me really horny. 
  • Ashley quits beating around the bush and says you should get to what you really came in here to do. 
  • Well… 
  • Ashley will undo her top. Ashley will order you to get on the floor. 
  • Yes! 
  • Ashley will lay on the floor. Get off the couch, right click Ashley, select top option, earn your achievement. 

You get the achievement after you “finish”. I never got interrupted in this scene so I do not know if that has any impact. If it does, you can always ask Ashley for another “Tour of her upstairs… and downstairs” and likely get the achievement.

Written by Luminous


  1. You don’t need to talk to Frank or Patrick if you can take Patrick’s wine when Rachel slaps the bitch

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