Evalina – 100% Achievement Guide (Walkthrough)

100% Achievement Walkthrough Guide for Evalina


  • Total Achievements: 15
  • Number of Missable Achievements: 8
  • Minimum Playthroughs for 100%: 1

It definitely isn’t difficult to get 100% for the game. The only one you’ll probably have trouble with while following this guide is most probably ‘Great’ or ‘Epic’ which requires you to clear Death Trap Castle with full hp.

6 Skeleton Achievement, ‘Great’ and ‘Epic’ achievement are missable, and you need another playthrough if you miss em.

‘Great’ and ‘Epic’ achievements require you to clear Death Trap Castle with full health. It’s really not hard and following the guide should help you net it.

I’ll be giving a brief walkthrough and everything you should look out for when aiming for 100%.

Basic Controls

  • Move – W,A,S,D
  • Normal/Melee Attack – ‘Left-Click’
  • Interacting with objects – ‘Right-Click’


  • Heal – Default Hotkey ‘Q’
  • Fireball – Default Hotkey ‘E’
  • Curse – Default Hotkey ‘R’

Death Trap Castle: Part One

Achievements: Great, Jail master key, Red skeleton

The first half of Death Trap Castle only has 3 mobs and some traps. First, unlock the leftmost cell door and pull the level. Go to the cell beside it and cast a fireball on the lamp. Stay within the mana fountain until you see your fireball spell recharged. Go out the now unlocked door and to your left there will be a skeleton guarding the Jail Master Key. Cast a fireball to insta-kill it and get the key (This unlocks the Jail master key Achievement). Go back to the mana fountain to recharge your fireball once again, before heading to the right cell.

There will be a Red skeleton. (Killing it gives the Red skeleton Achievement). Cast another fireball to insta-kill it and pull the level. The door past the traps is now unlocked. Recharge your mana once more and go past the traps to open the door.

If you take any damage from the traps, simply cast a heal spell to restore your hp back to full. Follow the path, but beware that there’s one last skeleton waiting for you at the end. Cast a fireball one last time here to insta-kill it and continue onward to get to the second half of Death Trap Castle. Reaching here with full hp gives you the ‘Great’ Achievement.

Death Trap Castle: Part Two

Achievements: Epic, Orange skeleton

There are 3 rows of traps that can one hit you when you start the second half. Walk through the right>left>right trap. Any other traps will activate before you have time to walk through resulting in a game over. Go up the right flight of stairs twice and you will see an Orange Skeleton up ahead. It’s entirely optional to kill if but doing so will give you the achievement ‘Orange Skeleton’.

Continue onwards past the locked door to the opposite end and there will be another skeleton. Cast a fireball to insta-kill it and pull the level to unlock the door. Walk through the door and there will be 3 levels to pull, one on the left, one straight ahead, and the last one on the right. There are 4 skeletons, but for this achievement I highly advice ignoring them, and avoid their hitbox as much as possible. After pulling all 3 levels, the traps guarding the door is gone and you can continue onwards. Go down the stairs and claim the Az Stone.

Now, return back the way you came all the way back to the entrance of the Death Trap Castle. Beware of the skeletons you left behind as there’s a possibility they’ll be waiting for you at the doorway. Once you get past all the traps, use a heal to restore your hp and you should be at full hp if you didn’t take too much damage from traps/skeletons. Go back up the flight of stairs with full health and you’ll get the ‘Epic’ Achievement.

Skeleton Catacombs

Achievements: Golden key, Yellow skeleton

The starting area is flooded with the Undead, but you really only have to look out for 1-2. Go down the stairs and turn left, avoiding the undead. Go behind the staircase and you will see a Yellow Skeleton. It’s entirely optional to kill if but doing so will give you the achievement ‘Yellow Skeleton’. At the left corner you will find a Golden Key. Walk back to where you were at the stair case and make your way around the large room through the left side, and open the door with the key.

There will be an undead waiting for you on the other side of the door. Cast a Fireball to kill it and continue onwards. You will notice another undead towards your left but you can ignore that one. Continue walking through the right corridor and the path will split in two. To your right it the ritual area you’ll head to shortly, and to the left is a stairway. Go left up the stairs and get the Oz Stone devoid of essense at the top. Go back down the stairs and towards the ritual area. A cutscene will proc and once it ends, reclaim the New Oz Stone on the table and the chapter ends.

Sorceror’s Mansion

Achievements: Black Key, Meet her, Copper key

Go up the left side of the stairs and make a turn right. Drop down the hole in the floor and claim the Black Key on the ground. Walk back out and go up the left stairs once again. Walk straight this time and open the door with the black key. Cast a fireball at the artifact, walk out and step on the circular object on the ground. The door opposite you will unlock. Head in and meet Sarla for the ‘Meet her’ Achievement.

Once the cutscene ends, claim the Copper Key on the ground for the ‘Copper key’ Achievement. Head out to the first floor and open the furthest door on the left side. (Your fireball should have refreshed after the cutscene. If you happen not to have it, head out and there’s a mana fountain hidden at a corner on the first floor for you to replenish your spells.) In the room, cast a fireball on the right artifact, go up and face the skeleton and use curse to burn the skeleton as well. Finally, face the Angel statue and cast heal. Step on the circle at the left corner of the room and the room beside this will unlock. Go into the room and claim the plank on the floor.

Walk back to the where you fell through the hole in the ground on the second level, place the plank and walk to the other side. Open the door and claim the Black fire. Go back to where you met Sarla and give her the black fire to finish the chapter.

Temple of Aldara

Achievements: Blue Skeleton, Smart

There’s 3 levels to pull in the temple. At one of the corners of the room, you will find a Blue Skeleton. It’s entirely optional to kill if but doing so will give you the achievement ‘Blue Skeleton’. Find the 3 levels and pull it, (if its not obvious enough, its at the 2 corners where the fountains are, and the last one is somewhere in the middle). Head behind the giant statue in the room and you will see 3 torches. Light up the middle one and snuff out the left one by attacking it. Head to the center of the room where the circle is on the ground and step on it. Finally, walk towards the giant statue and cast heal. The door leading out of the main room is now unlocked. This unlocks the ‘Smart’ achievement.

Head out the door and follow the linear path. You will see another statue in the middle of a small room, but its blocked by invisible walls. Circle around it through the left side and find an opening for you to reach the statue to finish the chapter.

Epilogue: Dream

Achievements: Green Skeleton, Black Skeleton, Eternal Love

There will be 4 torches in the cell you wake up in. You have to be quick as the torches will snuff out. First, Light up the torch at the corner furthest away from the mana fountain by casting fireball. Walk to the mana fountain, replenish fireball and cast it on the one nearest to the fountain, Replenish your fireball once more at the fountain and cast it at the furthest right one. Finally, face the last torch in the middle and cast curse. Now unlock the jail door before you replenish your mana as the fires may just run out any second.

Next, replenish your mana and head out the jail. You will see traps as well as a cell beside yours. The girl beside your cell is an Easter Egg for future content and there’s really no way to access it atm. However, a Green Skeleton is found at the last cell instead. First, walk through the traps on the right side, wait for it to refresh from the other side. Walk back through the traps, open the door and retreat. Once the traps refresh one more, walk through it and enter the cell to kill the Green Skeleton. Killing it will unlock the ‘Green Skeleton’ achievement.

Beware of the traps as you walk back out the cell. (It’s okay even if you die after killing the green skeleton as you should have already gotten the achievement for it). Down the hallway is a large black square on the ground and 5 skeletons ahead. IMPORTANT!!! Stepping on this black square results in spawning zombies behind you that will kill you once you’re caught, leading towards the ending of the game. If this happens, Alt-F4 before the game auto-saves, otherwise you have to re-run the entire game to reach here again.

The Black Skeleton is found on the far end of a corridor towards the right of the black square. Walk straight and turn right, avoiding all the undead. Walk up towards the black skeleton and cast fireball to insta-kill it. You will unlock the ‘Black Skeleton’ achievement following this. If you did not get it, remember to Alt-F4 if you wish to re-do it!

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