Diluvion – Travellers Guide

This is a rough-guide with the intent to help those who are lost, stuck, or cannot complete their journey through Diluvion.

Forgotten Fjords

Diluvion - Travellers Guide


This quest is straightforward. Follow the prompts that you are provided and continue forward until you receive a prompt from your crewmember, Jay Treadwasser. Press V and talk with him, to advance to the next quest.

The Dive Bar

This could be counted as part of the tutorial still. Head forward towards the Dive Bar that is just ahead of you, and once you start to get close slow down and prepare for a prompt to dock. Once you dock you’ll end this quest, and must talk with Jay at the bar to proceed.

About Hassley

Speak with Daniel Eritan, he can be found standing ontop of a jukebox inside of the bar. He’ll talk to you for a short time about Hassley, and his ability to raise your crush depth. Daniel will tell you that Hassley can be found within Tonnesburg, and you will finish the conversation with him and Jay, to end the quest.

First Sailor

As the name and prompt for this quest implies, you’ll be hiring your first crew member here. Speak with Jack on the top floor of the Dive Bar and pay him a measly amount to bring him onboard as your first crew member. This will end the quest, and you will proceed to head West while following the prompts until the next quest begins.


You’ll be prompted by Jay to dock at Atlantica’s Jail to search for a gunner, continue heading forward until you are there and dock with it. The person that you’ll want to talk to is Kat Smith, inside the cell on the right. You’ll “employ” her as a member of your crew, and be attacked for having broken her out of jail. Defend yourself, and this unlabelled quest will end.


As you proceed West and skim across your present crush depth, you’ll stumble across a drill house that is in danger from the collapsing ice. Dock with it after speaking with Jay, and rescue Gregory, who will come onboard as your Sonar officer.


After getting out of the tunnels and reaching the open area of the Forgotten Fjords, you’ll be prompted to speak with Gregory. After the conversation, this quest will begin and you’ll dock with the nearby Beacon Keeper to locate a map. Loot the outpost and you’ll locate your map, ending the quest.

Landmark Navigation

For this quest, you simply need to dock with the nearby Research Capsule, just a little to the East of the Beacon Keeper. Loot it, and the quest will be completed.

Get to Tonnesburg

Finally, you can head out on an adventure.. Kind of. Follow your friendly golden fish pals, or the beacons, towards the East. You’ll eventually end up at Tonnesburg and the quest will be completed.


Dock at the Vehicle Engineering Guild, and talk with John Hassley. You can find him on a platform on the bottom floor. Once you’ve spoken to him, the quest will end. Speak to him once more and you’ll advance to the next quest.

Gathering the Pieces

After speaking with Hassley, you’ll be tasked with obtaining a greatly ridiculous amount of stuff to upgrade your ship. Including but not limited to, blackberries and a morse radio. For this quest, Jay will serve as your source for information on where the items are, but he will neglect to tell you how to get to the places to get them. Once you’ve gotten all the resources, the quest will end. Incase talking to Jay isn’t to your liking, with him and his lack of providing directions, head back to Hassley to start the next quest.

  • Item: Reinforced Plates – These can be found East of Tonnesburg, within an area called Reinfjord. Jay will alert you when you are entering the area, and it will be filled with mines and pirates. The amount of pirates and mines located inside of Reinfjord make it dangerous, even later in the game. Investigate any buildings you can find and you’ll quickly get enough of this resource for Hassley. 
  • Item: Morse Radio – Head North-East from Tonnesburg until you arrive at Glassielberg. Head South-East following the golden fish, and you’ll discover the Sonar Guild. Loot everything and you’ll locate the Morse Radio. 
  • Item: Engine Parts – Heading South-East from Tonnesburg, past the Dragon’s Tongue, and even further South-East from the town of Daybreak, you’ll encounter a bunch of sunken Cargo ships. Search and loot all of the buildings & things you can find, and you’ll eventually get your parts.
  • Item: Blackberries – Remember that little town Daybreak? Yeah, the one with the food crisis. In case you don’t remember it, or didn’t run into it while heading for the previous items, its in the same direction as the Engine Parts from Tonnesburg. You can find it at a depth of around -150. Head there and talk to a little girl on one of the lower floors, she’ll share her food with you, which just so happens to be the Blackberries you need.

Bigger Bang

After talking to Hassley and later his wife, once you leave you’ll be prompted to talk to Kat Smith, your gunner officer. She’ll mention a Torpedo Officer back at Tonnesburg Courtyard, head there and you’ll find him sitting on a crate in their storage- I mean tree room. I don’t remember doing this my first run, so it may be possible to get the torpedo officer without prompting this quest. Or I may just be losing my mind, both could be a possibility.

Find the Drill Site

Heading in a West/WSW direction from Karl the Slow or South-West from the City of Ice, you’ll locate the Drill Site within a tunnel on the ice ceiling above. If you discover the Cross of Ice, you have gone too far South. Head directly North and you should find it. This quest will end once you’ve found it.

Talk to Armstrong

Neil Armstrong, the astronaut? No no, you’ll be talking to Esmeralda Armstrong. You can find her on a platform on the top floor of the Drill. Talk to her and this quest will end.. Maybe eventually we’ll get a hat as pointy as hers?


Drop your depth straight down from the drill site, and you’ll locate the depot with the copper wire you were sent to find on a suspended chunk of ice. Head back up once you’ve obtained it, and advance up the tunnel towards the drill. Once you get close to the drill the tunnel will begin collapsing down on you and the drill both, so you’ll need to quickly dive and avoid what can only be explained as magical chunks of ice intent on barring your way. Upon escaping the tunnel and talking with Jay, the next quest should pop up.


After the destruction of the Drill Site, you’ll need to head back to Tonnesburg. Its as simple as that. To proceed to the next quest, dock at the Courtyard and talk with the big burly red shark- I mean Shady Royal thats looking down upon everyone from his stack of boxes.


For this quest, head straight down from the City of Ice. While investigating the boats, one will begin to move revealing a large crab with (what I assume from the name.) the remains of the/a Yamato-battleship firing upon you. There is a guide by Captain Iglo that can provide information/help with the fight. Upon defeating it you must dock with it and loot the passport.


For this mission you need to head straight West towards the Blockade from the Yamato. You’ll know you are there when you discover a line of ships that look like they’d turn you to mince-meat. Continue heading west after this quest ends, and you’ll be able to head to the next map.

Sunken Coast

Diluvion - Travellers Guide

Fountain of Honour

WARNING: For this quest, be prepared for a fight. Without proper weaponry, and scrap, you’ll likely find out what the pressure feels like at a depth below -300.

This quest will also end with the loss of your current torpedo officer. So you won’t be able to use them in the upcoming fight.

After moving around for a short time, Jay will prompt you to speak with him. After speaking with him, if you are still within the area you entered from proceed to head in a North/North-Eastern direction to find the Fountain of Honour. Dock with the town and the quest will end.

Save Gregory

WARNING: Do not get sunk during this quest, as it will checkpoint you back to Fountain of Honour, WITH the Morgen’s Tear still alive. If this occurs, flee back to the Circle of Pillars, and reload checkpoint once it saves. This will get you away from the Morgen’s Tear. Go around the Fountain of Honour, as the Morgen’s Tear will still be there. If this can be confirmed by a reader as occuring for them, then this bug can be reproduced by the developers for fixing.

After a close encounter with the Morgen’s Tear, your sonar officer Gregory will suffer from a severe injury. You’ll be rushing to the town of Birchton in the direction of North-North East from the Fountain of Honour. Once you dock, the quest will end. Speak with the crew and residents to progress to the next quest.

New Ears

After leaving Birchton, speak with Jay. After the conversation, head West by South West until you arrive at House Spirios. Dock at the Socom Guild there and speak with our nice friend Alison Hosstrevar. Remember her? You encountered this “nice” lady at the Fjord Socom Guild. Talk to her twice.

After the conversation, this quest will end.

Get to Banquet Hall

Go straight up from the Socom Guild, and near the very top you’ll find the Banquet Hall. Once you’ve arrived, dock and join the oh so very friendly Spirios and the other captains for a nice meal. Once you’ve spoken to the nice lady of House Spirios, Athena Spirios, the quest will end.

Welcome to the Guild

After leaving the hall, speak with Jay and then dive down again and dock with the Adventurers Guild. Dock and speak with Athena Spirios and Chikyu Akagawa, this will advance you to the next quest.

The Missing Crew

WARNING: You’ll once again be attacked by the Tear, so bring appropriate amounts of torpedoes and scrap.

Scott Wreath and his crew went missing in the Whirlpool sewers, so for you’ll be heading East until you arrive at the sewers. Once you arrive, Jay will prompt you to speak with him, and you’ll then advance into the sewers. Follow the buoys and you’ll arrive at the ships wreckage, dock with it and speak with the survivor to obtain a new torpedo officer. This quest will end, prompting you to leave by following the current. On your way out you’ll be attacked by the Tear once more.

Head back to the guild at House Spirios to claim your reward and advance to the next quest.

Twilight Fields Pirates

Head to the Twilight Fields, roughly East by South-East from the guild. Once you’ve arrived fight off the pirates that are attacking the town, and after the last one is sunk the quest will be completed.

The Abyssal Creatures

After leaving the guild, head roughly North-North by Northeast until you arrive at the Clifftop Gardens. Once you’ve arrived, carefully take out the drones that are attacking the town. As they have rapid-firing weapons and tend to stay close range, if you let them all get to you it will be quite difficult to survive.

Deal with all of the drones and the mission will end, with a conversation prompt from Jay about the Tear.

Levisson’s Tower

WARNING: This quest functions similarly to a gauntlet type battle. Bring plenty of torpedoes and scrap, or else you’ll risk running out of ammunition before you can even complete the quest.

Heading North-East/North by North-east from House Spirios you’ll eventually come to the Levisson’s Tower. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll begin getting swarmed by pirates. After fighting them off, the Tear will arrive. The Tear will rely heavily on shooting torpedoes at you, so it can be a dangerous foe. But once it is defeated and the station looted, speak with Jay and you will advance to the next quest.

After this quest, you can go back and claim a reward from the guild. Even though there is no objective saying so.

Meet the Boss

After talking to Athena Spirios at the guild and claiming your reward, head to the banquet hall. Once you get to the banquet hall, speak with his royalness himself Charles Spirios. After the conversation you’ll be rewarded with a dislike for him, as well as a shiny golden Spirios Locket

Speak to the Spirios Mechanic

Head back to House Spirios and dock at the shipyard. Once you’ve done so, just speak with the mechanic Roy Halner. That’ll end the quest.


So, we’ve been rewarded with a growing dislike for the Spirios.. Maybe House Kuberi will be better? Alas, instead they are incapable of keeping their own things safe.

Head North-East/North by North-East and you’ll eventually come to House Kuberi. Once you’ve arrived and docked at the audience chamber, speak with Kosanza Kuberi. You’ll be given a new quest, and upon completing it you can receive a Lotus from Kosanza. Turn the Lotus in to Roy at Spirios Shipyards and you can upgrade to reach a depth of 1000, allowing you to enter the Abyssal Trench.

Cripple the Naglfar

So, we’ve had giant crab monsters living within the shell of a Yamato. We have a ghost ship sailing all over the place destroying every captain to sail the ocean. And now we’ve got what could be the biggest submarine left in the ocean.. And House Kuberi loses it? Alright.

For this quest, you’ll need to sail around in order to hunt down the Naglfar. It moves around the map actively so it can be easy or hard to locate. Once you’ve found it, knock out all of its weaponry. Once you do so, the mission should complete and you can head back.

Notice: Cripple the Naglfar will not be provided a complete guide on how to fight it, as there are numerous ways to go about it. Aside for my recommendation of trying to use torpedoes to take out numerous things at once, or for knocking out the row of guns, there isn’t much else I can offer.

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