Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – All Mr. Everywhere Statuette’s Locations (Mr. Nowhere Achievement)

All the locations of the Mr. Everywhere statuette with prints for an easy find!

Mr. Everywhere Statuette’s Locations

Mr. Everywhere 1 – Main House 1F | Laundry Room

The first statuette can be found inside the first safe room of the game.

Mr. Everywhere 2 – Main House 1F | Hallway

Near the big hallway where you find the locked door.

Mr. Everywhere 3 – Main House 1F | Main Hall

On top of a sign saying “Shoot me” you will find the next statuette.

Mr. Everywhere 4 – Main House 2F | Recreation Room

Once inside the Recreation Room on the second floor, look for a basket and you will find it inside.

Mr. Everywhere 5 – Main House 1F | Drawing Room

This one is in a little gap near the locked door.

Mr. Everywhere 6 – Main House | Processing Area

Near some paint cans on the floor of the Processing Area.

Mr .Everywhere 7 – Yard

Once you can acess the outside of the Main House, head into the Yard near the trailler’s small steps and you will find it.

Mr. Everywhere 8 – Old House 1F | Safe Room

You will find this next one at the safe room of the 1F Old House.

Mr. Everywhere 9 – Old House 1F | Before the Cellar

Just before you enter the Cellar, look at your feet by some pallets.

Mr. Everywhere 10 – Old House 1F | Crawlspace

This was the little place where Mia’s Tape ended. Right past the red lawnmower on the shelf you will find it.

Mr. Everywhere 11 – Old House 2F | Altar Room

Past the Altar Room near 3 candles.

Mr. Everywhere 12 – Main House | Attic

When you have the Snake Key acess the Kid’s Room and go up the stairs for an easy point of view of the next statuette.

Mr. Everywhere 13 – Testing Area 2F | Barn

At the 2nd floor of the Barn, look down to get a better angle of the wooden post where the bobblehead is.

Mr. Everywhere 14 – Testing Area 1F | Outside Safe Room

After you leave the Monitoring Room, do a 180º quick turn and look upwards to the door.

Mr. Everywhere 15 – Boathouse 1F

Once you are inside the little house that is shown on the image bellow, look down and you will find it bellow a net.

Mr. Everywhere 16 – Wrecked Ship 4F

At the stairs that lead up to the 4th floor of the Wrecked Ship.

Mr. Everywhere 17 – Wrecked Ship 3F | Shaft

Climb up the stairs and do a quick 180º turn.

Mr. Everywhere 18 – Salt Mines | Swamp Safe Room

This one is at the first safe room of the Salt Mines near the window.

Mr. Everywhere 19 – Salt Mines | Lab

Go to the Lab door, turn right and you will see it at the distance.

Mr. Everywhere 20 – Guest House | Storeroom

After you complete the Salt Mines and return to the Guest House you will find the last statuette on the shelves of the Storeroom.

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