Project Hospital – Money Cheat

Edit the save file for more money.

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  • A tool to open *.zip files. I use 7-Zip
  • A tool to edit *.xml files. I use Notepad++

Find the Save Files

The save files for Project Hospital are under your LocalLow Folder. Copy & Paste this into your File Manager:

  • %appdata%..LocalLowOxymoron GamesProject Hospitalmaps

Open and Edit the Save File

Search the *.zip file you want to edit. I highly recommend to create a backup copy of the file.

Open the ZIP file, there’s only one XML file in it. Extract it to anywhere on your harddisk and open it with Notepad++.

You can also edit it directly if 7-Zip knows where to find Notepad++ (Extras > Options > Editor).

In the XML file search (CTRL + F) for “balance”. You should find the line <m_currentBalance>xxxxxx</m_currentBalance>.

Edit the value to whatever you wish.

Create the New Save File

Insert the modified *.xml back into the *.zip file (Drag & Drop) replacing the existing file. Or if you modified it directly in the ZIP, just save it and close Notepad++, 7-Zip should offer you to update the modified file.

At last you need to make shure, the *.xml file has the exact same name as the *.zip does. If your *.zip is called “” the file in it has to have the name “Save1.xml”.

Done. Close Notepad++ and 7-Zip, start the game and open the new save file. Enjoy Project Hospital whitout money worries.

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