Streets of Rogue – How to Get a Lot of Money

This guide describes how to get about 800 coins in one level.

What Things You Need

  • 1. Level with this graveyard (this method doesn’t work on other graveyard types, I think);

Streets of Rogue - How to Get a Lot of Money

  • 2. Ghost Gibber and Armor Durability Spray. 

What You Need to Do

  • 1. Kill Ghosts by using Ghost Gibber (the ones, that spawn when gravestone is destroyed, don’t drop items). They can drop: Money, Voodoo Doll and Mood Ring. We need Mood Rings for this method. 

  • 2. Combine Armor Durability Spray with Mood Ring (If you want to earn even more money, clone the Spray using Clone Machine). Mood Ring has 1 durability (it is not shown in player’s inventory). After using the Spray, Mood Ring will have 200 durability, increasing it’s price 200 times. 

  • 3. Sell durable Mood Ring at Sell-O-Matic (if you hack the Sell-O-Matic with Laptop or by hiring Hacker, you can increase it’s selling price).
    Mood Ring (1 durability) can be sold for 4$, and upgraded (200 durability) – for 800$ (4$ * 200). 

P.S: Selling price may be different, if you have traits like Sucker or Shrewd Negotiator.

Written by Abbysssal

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