Streets of Rogue – Werewolf Guide (Tips and Tricks)

The Werewolf seems deceptively simple to play. However, Throwing yourself at everything you come across is a one-way ticket back to the character select screen. The Werewolf requires a good amount of planning to be used safely and correctly.

Class Overview


As a Human:

  • Endurance: 1/4
  • Speed: 1/4
  • Melee: 1/4
  • Firearms: 1/4

As a Werewolf:

  • Endurance: 1/4
  • Speed: 8/4
  • Melee: 6/4
  • Firearms: 1/4

Special Ability (Right Click)

Transform into a Werewolf for 15 seconds. During the transformation, your right click is replaced with a powerful lunge attack. When the transformation ends, you get “Crazy-Dizzy” for 5 seconds, and the transformation itself is put on a 20 second cooldown.


  • Antisocial: Most people won’t join your party.
  • Sucker: Items in shops cost more.
  • Skinny Nerdlinger: Knockback from damage is increased, more guns cause knockback when fired.

As a Werewolf:

  • Bloodlust: Gain 10 health per kill.
  • Unstoppable-ish: Knockback from damage is severely decreased.
  • Ultimate Butterfinger-er: Great chance to knock a weapon out of someone’s hands.
  • Long Lunge: Melee attacks send you farther than normal.
  • Malodorous: Shop owners want you to leave. Humans wont join your party.
  • Sausage Fingers: Can’t equip any weapon, including thrown items.
  • Vocally Challenged: Can’t speak english.
  • Pea-Brained: Can’t interact with most items.

Unlockable Traits

  • Killing Time: Werewolf Form lasts longer.
  • Unstoppable Beast: Werewolf Form has a shorter cooldown.
  • Level Mind: No longer become Crazy-Dizzy when turning back into a human.

(Unlock trait names are paraphrased, I don’t know them off the top of my head. If someone can correct me, please do so).

How to Effectively Utilize the Transformation

For the most part, the Werewolf’s job is to kill things as quickly as possible, whether it be a small group of armed guards, or a bloodbath of bystanders. As a Werewolf, you will feel unstoppable. You need to learn that you are, in fact, not. You still have 80 max health in Werewolf form.

The Werewolf’s most dangerous enemy is a group of heavily-armed enemies. Because of this, the Werewolf struggles in the last two districts, Downtown and Uptown. The amount of NPCs equipped with machine guns will punish anyone using the “run in and hope for the best” method, which will lead to a surprisingly quick death. During these later stages, the Werewolf needs to think more methodically with their transformation, and plan ahead their actions.

General Tips and Tricks

  • During the early districts, you can play the Werewolf relatively care-free. NPCs armed with melee weapons aren’t that dangerous, unless you are under 20 health or something. Pistols also won’t give you many problems unless there are 3 or more armed enemies, which is a rare situation to be in during the early game. However, once you reach Downtown, you should immediately start being more careful with transformations.
  • Finish fights as fast as possible. Allowing the enemy to live longer allows them to shoot more bullets at you, which is detrimental due to your 80 health. If you allow yourself to turn back into a human mid-fight, rip you.
  • If you aggro an NPC during Werewolf form, and transform out of view, they will no longer be hostile until they see the Werewolf form again.
  • You should use the Werewolf form’s right click (the Lunge attack) almost 100% of the time. In comparison to the normal attack, it deals more damage, and moves the Werewolf forward, allowing him to stay in melee range despite the attack’s knockback. Two quick lunges is enough to kill most NPCs.
  • If you find yourself low on health, go find some weak NPCs and slaughter them in Werewolf form. The trait “Bloodlust” will give you 10 HP per kill. Slum Dwellers are great targets, as they are plentiful in the early districts. However, in the later districts, Upper-Crusters require three lunges to kill instead of two, and will spawn Supercops if you let them live.
  • You can pick up items while in Werewolf form. Use this to pick up dropped guns/ammo. You should also break chests and pick up it’s contents to save time, rather than wait until you’re a human and open the chest.
  • You can’t use doors when in Werewolf form. However, you can break them down easily enough by attacking them. This doesn’t work on steel doors.
  • If you are in the middle of a big fight and you’re about to turn back into a human, you should run away and come back when your transformation is ready again. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and dead.
  • The effect “Crazy-Dizzy” behaves like normal dizziness (your character wanders aimlessly) except for one thing: You won’t lose the effect if you get hit. This means that if you get caught with your pants down, be prepared for a beating.

Super Special Ability

The Werewolf’s stats are different when transformed:

  • Endurance: 1/4
  • Speed: 10/4 (Originally 8)
  • Melee: 8/4 (Originally 6)
  • Firearms: 1/4

The Werewolf now gets a Large damage resistance when transformed:

The Werewolf form now only takes about 50% of damage. This allows you to facetank just about anything the game can throw at you.

The Werewolf form now lasts longer, has a shorter cooldown, and no longer inflicts “Crazy-Dizzy” when it ends.

The Super Werewolf is OP as hell. It can easily solo a killer robot, in about 2 to 3 transformations. The damage resistance alone makes the Werewolf near unstoppable.

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