Hidden Folks – Beach Level 5 Walkthrough Guide

Detailed steps to find all hidden objects in Beach Level 5.

All Hidden Objects

All credit goes to MoMoePom!

Since Level 5 is a relatively small map. I will not divide sections and only used partial screenshots.
The places are really easy to spot.

1) Swimming Chen

  • Click on the man who is standing at the edge of the plank to make him jump into the water.
  • Click the man in water again to get it.

2) Flag man

  • Just click the man on boat. 

3) Ronan

  • Click on the sail to lift it up. 
  • Click on the hanging man. 

Hidden Folks - Beach Level 5 Walkthrough Guide

4) Mermaid

  • Click on the mermaid clinging to the head of the ship. 

5) Jack & Rose

  • Just Click on the couple on the wooden plank. Jack will fall into the water afterwards. [Titanic] 

6) Rum Guy

  • Click on the rum barrel with a seagul sitting on it. 

7) Eoin

  • First click on the second cannon to the left. 
  • After the cannon ball hits the other ship, Eoin can be found in the openning. 

Hidden Folks - Beach Level 5 Walkthrough Guide

8) Real Shark

  • Out of the three fins around the boat, one of them is the real shark. Just try clicking all of them. 

9) Gasaan

  • First click the rightmost cannon, it will shoot a rope to the other boat. 
  • Then Gasaan will starts to walk along the rope. 

Hidden Folks - Beach Level 5 Walkthrough Guide

10) Edward

  • Click on all the fires in the blue circle regions to extinguish them. 
  • Then Edward will appear on the top barrel. 

11) Flower

  • Click on the third cannon from the left. It will first shoot out a cake. 
  • Repeat the process a couple times until it shoots out a flower. 

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