Hidden Folks – Reptile Location (Dry Lands Level 3)

This guide shows another location where the reptile in the last Dry Lands level can be found.

Reptile Location

Finding the reptile in the third Dry Lands level of this game was one of the most difficult items to find for me personally. I have spent more than an hour searching for it, after which I considered looking up the solution online. However, multiple guides and websites all showed the same location where to find this item, but unfortunately I could not find the reptile in my game session at the pin pointed place.

Eventually I found it somewhere else, which I have indicated in Fig 1. below. Although it is still located in the cactus forest, one might have to look at the left section of the forest.

I hope this can help others who could not find it after their own efforts 🙂

Hidden Folks - Reptile Location (Dry Lands Level 3)


  1. Omg you are a lifesaver! I encountered the same problem where every place told me to look by the car stuck in the cactus, next to two men in hats…took me a while to realize that only one of my men had a hat on and that small parts of my layout were different than everyone else’s online! The reptile will be exactly where you pointed out if it’s not in the previous location I described! Thanks again for the help…that was my last figure to find and it was driving me crazy!

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