Geneshift – PvP Beginner’s Guide

This guide will sum up elements such as; weapons, skills, vehicles, and chemicals. Most information you can find in-game already, but it’s wordy, technical, and dwahdawh here’s quick knowledge you can use.


If you’re looking for the bread and butter of the game, welp, this is the knife you apply it all with. Speaking of knife, it does 200 damage and ignores most defenisve abilities in the game. Rule of thumb, most bullets do less damage the further the they travel.


Pistols have a special slot from other weapons, making them good if you like to forage for used weapons.

  • USP: Everyone spawns with one, very accurate, no damage fall off. Aim good and you can kill good. 
  • Flare Gun: Slow projectile, high damage per shot including the fire overtime. imo just buy a ruger. 
  • Desert Eagle: Massive recoil, good damage and high dps. Mind the clipsize. 
  • Tasers: Slows down targets and goes through barrier. 


SMGs aka DPS, are all about doing as much damage as quick as possible while moving.

  • UZI: Solid gun, only suffers at long range. In that case switch to your USP. 
  • MP5: Improved Uzi with slightly less firerate. You can even walk faster than an Uzi. 
  • Nailgun: Some fully automatic scifi smg that fires, wall bouncing bullets, at an obscene rate. 
  • Flamethrower: Not really an smg, but kind of same role. Lot of fire dot dps. 


Ideal for point-blank face melting. A good buy when you’re tired of dealing with people using SMGs.

  • M3 Super: Hide and Seek Peekabo in gun form. 
  • Spas: Almost one shot, and is automatic firing to boot. 
  • Blastcannon: Ok, this is more of a grenade launcher. Mind the travel time when lobbing. 

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles have very little damage fall off, while remaining full auto. It’s like a sniper rifle and an smg had a baby they neither wanted.

  • AK47: Good damage per shot, but equally high recoil. Use barrier to reduce recoil. 
  • M4A1: Actually weaker than the AK47, but extremely more accurate, even while moving. 
  • Seek Rifle: Three bullets per shot, that automatically steer towards enemies. 

Machine Guns

Holding one slows you down significantly, also they have massive clip sizes, low damage fall off, and x1.5 damage against vehicles.

  • M249 SAW: As above, only, it’s drawback is low accuracy. 
  • M60: As above, but high accuracy and a little lower firerate. 
  • Minigun: Has a Unique bullet spread based on the ammo remaining. Good against flatbed. 


These gain damage the further the distance, and increases your field of view. Also x1.5 damage against vehicles.

  • Ruger: Mobile sniper rifle with a good rof, not going to oneshot but fires rather quickly. 
  • Barret: Designed for oneshotting people across the map. Poor in closer ranges. 
  • Photon Beam: Shoots a laser that melts anyone standing inside it. 


You can hold one of each at any time, and using one removes it.

  • Grenade: Can bounce off walls and lob over terrain. x5 damage against vehicles. One shots radar. 
  • Molotov: Leaves a fire in the blast radius, good area denial and damage to vehicles. Ignores Invisibility penalty. 
  • Bazooka: The Armorpiercing rocket does massive damage to vehicles, and little to people. 
  • Flashbang: Blinds people. No damage means it’s an excelent opening from invisibility.

Skills, Mutations, Abilities and Witchcraft

Hold ALT in-game and mouse to the top of the screen. You’ll get a nice little dropdown of skills to pick from.

You can select Warrior, Assasin, or Mage prebuilt builds until you’re ready to learn what things do. Each skill can have 5 levels, 3 points and 2 synergy points. Every 10 points spent in a tree gives a synergy for it, rewarding loyalty.

Each skill has a detailed description in-game, so this section isn’t nescesary. Here are some notes;

No amount of health or defense bonus will save you from a knife.

If you notice a white circle grid appear below you, that means an invisible enemy is nearby. Good detections are; Flashbangs, Sonar Cells, Radiation, Blade Fury, and Shockwave.

Self Repair and Barrier (Ctrl) give an accuracy bonus and recoil reduction to weapons. Notably AK47 and M249 SAW.

Plasmaball is affected by gravity. It gains more damage the longer it’s in the air. So… If you aim upwards with it, you can lob it across the map for an instagib of anything caught in the blast.


Vehicles are weird, they take bonus damage from some weapons and abilities, but also regenerate health much like a player does if damage is not taken after a while. You can run people over if you’re fast enough, but it’s never enough for a oneshot.

  • Loafer is cheap, and dies almost instantly to anything. Although it has 4 seats, one person is too many. Good cannon fodder, roadblocks, and jump tricks because its cheaper than dirt. 
  • Buggie is understandable if you’re on a budget. It’s small and quick, with a bit more armor than a loafer. 
  • Gallant is effecient personal transport. Only 2 seats, but it’s a good ride for the cost. Able to push flatbeds out of the way. lol. 
  • Pickup Truck features a 360 seat in the back. That person is vulnerable to direct fire, but odds are you’ll be moving faster than they can aim. 
  • Radar Trucks reveal enemies in a 15 tile radius around it. You can tell who’s team it is by the color on the radar dish. Destroy enemy radar on sight. If it’s defended, just let a grenade or molotov touch it. Does not have to be occupied to work. 
  • Camper van is basically a bunker on wheels. The slow speed makes their blind spots–front and back–exploitable. They’re also too tall to jump over and can fit 6 people inside. 
  • Roadster is like a Gallant built for speed. GOTTA GO FAST. 
  • Torpedo is a timebomb with wheels. Click once to arm/disarm the bomb. Just make sure you get away or scream allah ackbar before it explodes. Good at nuking flatbeds. 
  • Flatbed features 3 360 seats that give damage resistence(50%?) to people on them. A fullly loaded one may be called a deathbed. 
  • Hornet jeeps go fast, have armor, and SEEKER MISSILES, with similair armor piercing as a bazooka. Hot Pursuit 2: Electric Boogaloo.


Probably the last thing anyone learns about if left to their own. Chemicals are carried on a very clear KILL ME sign on your back. Assuming you safely made the journey, press C to place it on the ground after a short channel(means don’t move) time.

  • Base Chemical, it acts as a buy zone for you and only you. It makes other chemicals bought from it cheaper, and can be upgraded in 3 ways.
    Bionic Gas upgrade makes it a moba fountain, where you constantly regain health and mana in it.
    Toxic Bullet upgrade makes any weapon you or an ally carry through it gain x1.1 damage.
    Quick Pouring upgrade removes the free KILL ME sign with every chemical purchase. 
  • Alchemic Acid eats any guns laying inside of it’s radius (G to drop a gun) and gives you half the buy cost back. Found a super weapon with no ammo? Perfect time for an acid! 
  • Warp Field was made by geniuses to be used carelessly. Standing on one you hold ALT and click on an arrow–possible arrows are base chemicals, captured points, and other warp fields–to teleport there. Has no range limit. But it is VERY obvious when you’re using one, like, use Invisibility before you use a warpfield. The more you know 
  • Sonar Cells reveal enemies walking through it. Includes invisible enemies. 
  • Cloners copy and remove the channel time of the next chemical placed over it. Posible to clone enemy and ally chemicals. 
  • Flask just picks up whatever chemical you own and are standing over as if you’ve bought it. 
  • Neutralizer oh boy. This deserves a text book. Simply it destroys any enemy chemicals you place it on and gives you money for each one. The trick then is finding those chemicals as they’re all invisible. 
  • Capturer A special item that captures a point. Can only be placed on points, and afterwards the point reveals enemies and invisibility over it, and acts as a buy zone. Teamcash is basically earned by killing people, bounties, missions, and killstreaks.
Written by Ansam

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