Thea 2: The Shattering – Ringbearer Blues (Other Ring)

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

This guide is not about that ring. It is about the “Other Ring”, wich is actually in Thea 2.
How long to wait to get it. How to quickly get it. What uses it has.

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Ring Values

The Ring comes in 3 basic Levels, depending on if Tier 3, Tier 4 or Tier 5 Material was used to craft it. Within one Tier, all Materials have the same effects. There is no variation of the Ring based on used Essences/Material. The only differences are how heavy it will be and if some materials can be used at all.

Tier 3 Ring:

  • Summon Demon
  • +5.6 for all Main Atributes
  • +16.2 all Max Healths
  • +17.8 Physical and +12.2 Mental/Spiritual Armor

Tier 4 Ring:

  • Summon Demon
  • +9.2 for all Main Atributes
  • +29 all Max Healths
  • +29.0 Physical and +20.2 Mental/Spiritual Armor

Tier 5 Ring:

  • Summon Demon
  • +14.2 for all Main Atributes
  • +47.0 all Max Healths
  • +47 Physical and +33.0 Mental/Spiritual Armor

It is unclear if Summon Demon scales based on the Ring Essence, or only on Users Destiny.


Sadly not all Materials can be used to craft the Other Ring.

  • Metal can be used starting with Mithril (T3).
  • Bone can be used starting with Dragon Bone (T3).
  • Stone can be used starting with Obsidian (T3), they are the heaviest material with weights always > 10.
  • Gems can be used starting with Diamonds (T3). They are the lightest material.
  • Leathers can be used starting with Golem or Spike Leather (T4).
  • Woods can be used Starting with Crystall or Stone wood (T4).


Statboost for Challenges:

The obvious use is of course a giant Stat boost to any one Chracter, ideally the choosen one. It works even better if the choosen one is good in destiny to use the Demon summons. The ringbearer should be usefull in any kind of challenge, both real and Concept.

Secondary Stat Boosts:

As secondary Stats are derived from Primary Attributes, the Ringbearer will also have decent stats here.

Grow up Support:

Wich options you get when a child is growing up (and possibly it’s chance to survive the Trial) is partially defined by the Primary Atributes. Another Factor is Random Chance (it is unsure if Luck works here), but the first hurdle is Attributes.

The idea being, that Childer that increased Intelligence with a Levelup has a better chance of becomming a Healer. However Stat increases from Equipment is included in this check.

Accordingly If a child holds the ring exactly when growing up, it has the widest options to draw from due to the Stat Boosts.

(Re-) Forging the Ring

Aside from the Primary Material used, the other Ring consumes your Cosmic Seed.
This is a item given to you at the start and from Main Quest Progress only. Cosmic Seeds are rare.
Picking to get the Ring early means de-facto choosing the life of a Wanderer – no Village until you get your second seed.

Meanwhile picking it later is not much of a hinderance, but a lot of the early game potential is already lost.

Reforging the ring with a higher Material is currently (2.0109) not possible. Deconstruction of the Ring will not yield the Cosmic Seed back. Hopefully this will change or another way to upgrade the Ring to higher materials will appear.

Getting It Early

Getting the Ring early – ideally before your chosen one child grows up – is tricky and needs some dedication/planning.

The Mithril Goat God Card is the simplest way. It yields 30+ Mithryl. You need 20 to craft the Ring. It fits into the somewhat common “Nature” Slots. That Means Dzievanna, Horz, Triglav and Nyia can get it.

Other Materials can be gained from events/exploration. But actually getting enough before the choosen turns Adult is trickier.

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