Niffelheim – Beginner’s Guide

A simple guide to getting started in Niffelehim.

Map Settings and Character


When starting your location doesnt matter, as they are all almost identical (its just a matter of prefference, i honestly like the Eagle one).


As for the characters, its also your choice, would u like more health, more damage, its up to you.
Dont bother with food and how much u can eat since food in this game is to easy to obtain, focus on damage or health for choosing a character.
(For my last playtrough i went with berserker since i didnt play him b4 so i wanted to try him out).



In the beginning your main goal is to obtain stuff to sell and materials to build,
do that by clearing your starting area of trees and all other stuff u can collect/gather along the way
(it doesnt matter which side u choose to go first)
after doing that deposit everything into storage.

You will have enough wood to upgrade, upgrade your castle, walls and tower to tier 1 and build a sawmill, if not go to other areas for more materials. (one clearing of the map should be enough wood for all your needs in the beginning).

As a reminder/ tip i would also like to mention that the fastest way form anywhere outside to your base is teleport, (open map, press on your starting area, and u will teleport to the entrance to your base)
do it as often as u want it has no cost and its handy.

Mine / Dungeon

Main things to know about mines / dungeons.

1. Full of loot

All enemies u kill have a chance to drop loot, they almost always drop something.

2. A lot of enemies

The mines consist of mostly spiders and undead.

3. Bosses

There are a couple of Bosses in the mine. Main Types are: Troll, Spider, Bear, Wolf.

They respawn from time to time, and every time you kill one, next time they are stronger.

By killing a boss u have achance for it to drop a fragment / quest piece, and you can loot the chest, also good to know, after boss respawns the chest also respawns.

4. Quests

One quest giver early in the mines.

5. Doors

Oh doors, lovely doors.

As you are placing doors try to make an “elevator” stye door scheme, just so you dont need to run around the dungeon for no reason and lose time. This doesnt have to be done from the start but sooner you do it, the better since you can “farm” bosses faster with this scheme.

Doors dont vanish after a mine or dungeon “respawns”.

6. Mines “Respawn”

Mines fill again after some time, you will notice the notification of an earthquake or screen shaking,
that indicates the mines have refilled with ore and everything u destroy/mine has respawned.

All the doors u put are going to stay there just the walls between them are going to fill up again.

7. Posion areas

Dont be in them for too long.

8. Healing areas

There are healing areas in the mines indicated by fireflies.

9. Ore and other materials

As you clear the mines, you will find all kinds of ore, and other materials, such as gems, rubies etc.

All of the above works for dungeons except ore, there is no ore in the dungeon, only your mine, why i say your is because you cant enter other teams mines.

From Zero to a Hero

After constructing the sawmill, make a couple of picks and doors.
Put potions, food, portal and doors on your hotkey, take your strongest weapons, armor (if you have any) and picks.

Continue into the mine.
Your main priority in the mines is to locate the bosses.

Continue mining until you:

  • Dont have any more picks.
  • Inventory full.
  • Afraid of the boss.
  • No more food/health.

If u find yourself if any of the above stated situations, make a portal and exit the mine.

After exiting the mines deposit everything u wont sell, that includes:

  • Building material (stone, clay).
  • Materials that are worth 0.

Everything else take with you and go to the town, you do that by going to the edge of the area and choosing city as your destination, when u enter town go to the leftmost building and enter it.

Most important things to buy now are food and potions.
Sell extra armor, weapons, all materials, anything except what ypu are going to use, stated below.
You should have around 1-2k+ gold, depends how much you looted.
Buy as many meat pies and medium potions (the ones that give dmg reduction) as you can.
Exit the store and teleport home. (open map and press on your area).
Now as you have might guessed this is what you do to get money, food, potions, etc.

Any other way of making food, potions is useless since u can just buy the best food and potions in town, note that the store refreshes every 10 days.

After that return to mines trough the portal and continue mapping the mine.
Also a note, if you find any strong bow keep it and use it for clearing mobs, its much easier than melee, save melee weapons for bosses/ tight areas.

For bosses, always have a potion of dmg reduction ready as a safety.
And dont be afraid of them they are weak, once you get a hang of potions and how op they really are, the game will become much easier.

After you have cleared the mine proceed to clear the dungeon also, for more loot.
In the meantime there will be hordes, witch offerings and such, i ignore them all since they arent as harsh as i thought at first, and you will also if you just ignore them and go on your way, also note that if an invasion beggins you have to defend, if your castle dies its over.

If you die its not over, but you get a penalty, which you can remove with a potion.

Conclusion / Winning

To win you need to collect 22 fragments, 20 are droped by bosses.
The last 2 pieces are:

  • Crow quests (appears only in daytime, enter exit base for faster quest respawn).
  • Beggar quests (next to the gate to Asgard).

By following this guide you should be have an easy start and easier game overall!

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