Ghost Recon: Wildlands – Mission Types and Activities

There are hundreds of missions in Ghost Recon Wildlands, from main missions that progress the story to the side missions that give you the tools necessary to take down the cartel. While it is necessary to perform most of the main missions to complete the game, the side missions are completely optional. It is advised to take on these activities though as the rewards are incredibly helpful as the difficulty ramps up.

Province Missions and Special Missions

Follow the main story missions to achieve the ultimate goal of dismantling the Santa Blanca cartel. Buchons rule over 19 of the 21 provinces—each working under one of four operations: Production, Security, Influence, and Smuggling. Work your way through buchons in one operation to unlock its Underboss and from there the head of operation becomes available. With enough of these heads eliminated, the boss of bosses, El Sueño, becomes available.

Side Missions

Numerous activities exist to keep the player busy outside of the main story missions. Completing these optional quests earns XP, resources, and valuable Rebel Skills—making it well worth your time.

There are two types of side missions, Supply Raids and Rebel Ops. When you stumble into one, a notification appears on screen, at which point holding the Tacmap button causes it to become the objective with a yellow line directing you to the mission. When Intel is found, select Supply Missions or Rebel Ops to discover all locations for the current province.

Supply Raids

Planes, helicopters, and trucks, loaded with the cartel’s supplies, are found on runways, helipads, and roads throughout Bolivia. Stealing the resources for the rebellion can go a long way in the relationship between the rebels and Ghosts. Completing the optional missions earns resources for the player, which can be used to purchase skills.

Steal the Helicopter

Mission Objective: Steal the helicopter full of supplies and fly to a rebel-held location.

Availability: Itacua, Ocoro, Agua Verde, Tabacal, Caimanes, Pucara, Barvechos, Mojocoyo, Remanzo, San Mateo, Espiritu Santo, Villa Verde, Inca Camina, Koani, Media Luna, Flor De Oro, Libertad, Montuyoc, Monte Puncu, La Cruz.

A helicopter, loaded with supplies, sits at various landing pads around the map. A lieutenant is always nearby and he has one job: if there is any trouble, get the chopper away from enemy hands. That is why he should always be the first target.

Typically, five or six soldiers, including the captain, guard the plane. There are basically two methods to completing the mission, kill them all and swipe the chopper or divert their attention before taking off.

Sync shots are a great tool for an assault; just be sure that one of the targets is the lieutenant. Finish off any remaining foes while moving toward the chopper, being sure not to damage it.

Diversion Grenades can be used to pull the soldiers away, one or two at a time, but the Flare Gun gets it done in one shot. If available, fire a flare away from the Ghost’s position and watch them depart the area. Once clear, quickly, but quietly, swipe the aircraft.

Alert the captain to your presence and he bolts for the chopper. If you’re quick enough, he can be pulled out of the cockpit. Otherwise, he immediately takes off and you can forget about it and retry later.

  • Once inside the helicopter, an objective marker appears at a rebel RV elsewhere on the map. Fly to that location and land in the open area to complete the mission.

Always be aware of enemy choppers in the area. Delay taking off with another aircraft in the vicinity or you may find yourself in a pursuit, attempting to outrun the enemy’s rockets or Gatling gunfire.

Steal the Plane

Mission Objective: Steal the plane full of supplies and fly to a rebel-held runway.

Availability: Itacua, Ocoro, Agua Verde, Tabacal, Caimanes, Malca, Pucara, Barvechos, Mojocoyo, San Mateo, Espiritu Santo, Villa Verde, Inca Camina, Koani, Media Luna, Flor De Oro, Libertad, Montuyoc, Monte Puncu, La Cruz.

Stealing a plane is very similar to the helicopter, except a captain does not attempt to fly away when Ghosts are detected and a runway is required to get the plane off the ground.

Again, several soldiers guard the supplies, so deal with them either with full on assault or pull them away in a stealthier approach. Note that some soldiers wander down the runway, making them easy targets for a sniper rifle without alerting the others. Miss them though and you may end up with a few bullet holes in the side of the aircraft during the takeoff.

Once the plane is stolen, fly to the objective marker at a rebel-held runway. Watch out for SAM Launchers during flight, flying low to avoid detection. If they do draw a bead on the aircraft, tilt from side to side or make a sharp turn to avoid the missile. At the airstrip, try to lineup the landing, as some locations are quite narrow. You also want to avoid taking out the friendly rebels.

Stop the Convoy

Mission Objective: Find the convoy, bring the supply vehicle to a stop, and tag it.

Availability: May appear on any road

Occasionally, a supply vehicle appears on the map, indicated by the truck icon. It holds a large cache of a resource and would be valuable to the rebellion. It is always escorted by at least two vehicles, but can be joined by a helicopter. The objective is to stop the main vehicle without harming it too much. If it is destroyed, you are only able to loot a reduced percentage of the resources. These side missions play out just like the start of the Itacua story mission, Rebellion Rising.

Escort vehicles vary depending on the difficulty of the activity. At first they are simply Santa Blanca trucks, but as the player progresses, armored vehicles and technicals become the norm. Ram them in the back quarter panels to cause them to spin or tumble, while having your crew continually assault.

When selecting a vehicle to chase them down, big and strong are best. If available, an armored vehicle would be even better. Complete four Vehicle Drop-off side missions for the ability to call for one at any time. If you’re extremely lucky, a car may not be necessary. As long as you can get to the driver’s door, you can pull the driver out.

While destroying the escort vehicles is a great idea, be careful with the supply truck. A meter displays its health at the top of the HUD. Cause some damage to slow it down. This helps greatly when you’re having trouble keeping up with the convoy.

Do not get too distracted with the enemy vehicles and lose track of your own. If it takes too much damage and begins to smoke, clear out and quickly find another ride.

Later provinces add a helicopter to the convoy that stays with the group, firing at unwelcome intruders. Let it hang around too long and you may be switching rides earlier and more often than expected. If possible, have your team concentrate fire on it, while you focus on the supply vehicle. Otherwise, you may need to deal with it yourself before pursuing the truck. A good tactic is to unlock the Grenade Launcher skill and equip it on the weapon to easily take down the helicopter.

Convoy missions can get tough and perseverance becomes key to victory. Clear out any remaining thugs and then tag the resources to complete the side mission.

Rebel Ops

Rebel Ops unlock and upgrade Rebel Support skills.

The Ghosts help the local rebellion by completing a number of side missions across the provinces. There are five unique activities, each unlocking a corresponding rebel support skill: Diversion, Guns for Hire, Mortar Strike, Recon, and Vehicle Drop-off.

These skills offer a variety of assistance to the Ghost unit. The rebels can help directly in the fight or support the player with a vehicle or area recon. The first completion of a side mission unlocks the skill, while successive times improve the ability based on the following table.

Upgrade Path of Rebel Skills

Use the Order Wheel to highlight an unlocked skill at the bottom of the screen, place the cursor on a desired target if necessary, and press the Vault button to call for support. Each use of a skill puts all rebel ops into a cooldown. Decreasing a skill’s cooldown only affects the wait time after using that skill.


Mission Objective: Hack Antenna – Hack two antennas within time limit.

Availability: Itacua, Agua Verde, Caimanes, Malca, Pucara, Barvechos, Mojocoyo, Remanzo, San Mateo, Espiritu Santo, Inca Camina, Montuyoc, Monte Puncu, La Cruz

Rebel Skill: Diversion allows the player to send a squad of rebels to fight at a specified position


Rebel Op

A Hack Antenna mission requires the player to deactivate two antennas in a set time limit, which starts when the first switch is thrown. Speed is of the essence, so finding the quickest way between the two points is key.

Be sure to glance at the mini-map when approaching the first antenna in case enemies loiter in the area. Once the area is clear, step up to the switch and deactivate the transmitter to start the timer. To complete the side mission successfully, you must reach the second antenna and throw its switch before the timer hits zero.

There is always an appropriate vehicle parked nearby, so immediately hop on or into the driver’s seat. Note that it is not necessary to take the given ride. If you are more comfortable with another, feel free to drive it to the antenna. Just note that the quickest route often involves driving off-road.

If a helicopter is available, this is obviously the best option. Combine the aircraft with a parachute for the simplest trip between the antennas, though it does take the challenge out of the mission.

When looking at the Tacmap, the time is paused, so spend a little time figuring out a route. The game suggests a route that sticks to the main roads and often enough it is sufficient, though making a beeline to the second antenna is usually faster. Crowded villages, boulders along a mountain slope, trees, and swampland all slow the driver down, so always keep an eye on the road and choose a path wisely.

Rebel Support Skill

The Diversion skill sends a squad to flank the enemy, distracting the player’s opponent. When selecting the skill, indicate the position where the rebels should begin their attack. This allows the player to easily wipe out the distracted foe or sneak on by.

Guns for Hire

Mission Objective: Intimidate Sicaro – Capture and intimidate sicario leader.

Availability: Ocoro, Agua Verde, Tabacal, Caimanes, Malca, Pucara, Barvechos, Mojocoyo, Remanzo, Espiritu Santo, Villa Verde, Inca Camina, Koani, Libertad, Monte Puncu, La Cruz.

Rebel Skill: Guns for Hire allows player to call extra Rebel soldiers to temporarily join their squad.


Rebel Op

A sicario leader is the target in each Intimidate Sicario side mission. The objective is to grab and intimidate the guy. He is very jittery and flees the area if the player is detected, so approach cautiously and thoroughly recon the situation until everyone is accounted for. Several Santa Blanca soldiers accompany the leader and typically, it is best to deal with them first. The leader must be captured alive, so be mindful of where you aim and leave damaging grenades out of the fight.

Look for enemies to wander away from the group or use diversion tactics to pull them away. Grab and deposit each guy out of view from the others. Dealing with all of the soldiers in this manner is the stealthiest means to the leader.

Stealth is the ideal tactic for this side mission, but it is possible to rush the enemy, quickly take them out, and grab the leader before he flees. If the guards are out of view from the leader, they can be picked off from a distance until only the leader remains. At that point, move in and grab him. If only the leader remains and he has been alerted, have the team distract him while sneaking up from behind.

The sicario leader always has a vehicle nearby and uses it to escape once the player is detected. React quickly enough and the guy can be pulled out of the driver’s seat. Otherwise, find a car of your own and chase him down. Nudge him off the road, being careful not to kill him.

Rebel Support Skill

Selecting the Guns for Hire support skill, calls in a small group of rebels to temporarily fight alongside the Ghosts. Upgrading the skill’s power increases the number of rebels that come to the player’s aid. Call these guys in during shootouts to tip the odds in your favor.

Mortar Strike

Mission Objective: Defend Radio – Protect a field radio broadcasting rebel message for a fixed time.

Availability: Itacua, Ocoro, Agua Verde, Tabacal, Caimanes, Malca, Pucara, Barvechos, Mojocoyo, Remanzo, San Mateo, Espiritu Santo, Villa Verde, Inca Camina, Koani, Media Luna, Libertad, Montuyoc, Monte Puncu, La Cruz

Rebel Skill: Mortar Strike allows the player to call a mortar strike on a specified area.


Rebel Op

The Defend Radio side missions require the player to start a radio and defend it for a fixed time. During the broadcast, enemies flock to the player’s location in an attempt to destroy the transmitter. As long as the radio remains standing when the timer hits zero, the mission is a success.

Santa Blanca soldiers approach on foot and by vehicle. Always be aware of inbound roads and glance at the mini-map frequently to spot incoming enemies. Helicopters eventually join the onslaught, so keep an ear open for the familiar sound. Occasionally, a sniper sets up on nearby rooftops, so look out for the flash of light.

Grab a high power, high rate-of-fire rifle to mow down the opposition and helicopters. Grab a shotgun, if available, for enemies that get through to the radio. Frag Grenades are extremely useful against a vehicle; hit it before the passengers get out for the best effect. There is typically an ammo case nearby for topping off weapons.

This mission can be simplified with rebel support and explosives. Before starting the radio, call in Guns for Hire if available and place Mines or C4 along nearby roads. If a helicopter is being a pest, it can be taken down with the an explosive-equipped Drone

Do not let teammates stray too far away from the radio, using the Order Wheel to regroup the Ghosts when necessary. A health meter and timer are displayed at the top of the screen. Defend the radio until the timer reaches zero while the radio still has health to complete the mission.

Rebel Support Skill

Call on the rebels to launch a Mortar Strike at a desired target—a skill that is best saved for assaults. After defending four radios successfully, the rebels fire multiple strikes. Reach Power 3 and the rebels can hit a larger area with multiple strikes.


Mission Objective: Parachute Drop – Interact with an unclaimed supply drop. Locations often require a helicopter to access, or at least some climbing.

Availability: Ocoro, Agua Verde, Caimanes, Malca, Pucara, Mojocoyo, San Mateo, Espiritu Santo, Villa Verde, Inca Camina, Koani, Media Luna, Flor De Oro, Montuyoc, Monte Puncu, La Cruz

Rebel Skill: Recon automatically marks all enemies in a specified area


Rebel Op

A supply drop has been delivered somewhere in the wild—most often on a cliff ledge, but it also may sit inside an enemy base. The supplies would be a great boon for the rebellion, so it is up to the Ghosts to find them and tag them for the rebels to pick up. Once the mission location has been discovered, figure out the best way to reach the objective.

If it rests on the side of a mountain or cliff, the simplest means is to use a helicopter. Land the chopper near the goods or, if the Parachute is unlocked, exit the aircraft and guide Nomad to the supply drop. SAM Launchers pose the only risk, so remain aware of possible incoming missiles.

On the rare occasion that the supply drop has been delivered to an enemy base, recon the area and plan an infiltration of the camp. Interact with the keypad on the side of the supply drop to complete the mission.

Rebel Support Skill

Recon calls for rebel spotters to recon a specified area. All enemies in that area are automatically marked. Increase the power by completing Parachute Drop Rebel Ops missions to increase the scouting area. This skill is extremely helpful before infiltrating an enemy stronghold.

Vehicle Drop-Off

Mission Objective: Breach Comm Center – Blow the doors on a secure network station and hack the network relay inside before the alarms are raised.

Availability: Itacua, Ocoro, Agua Verde, Tabacal, Caimanes, Malca, Pucara, Barvechos, Mojocoyo, San Mateo, Espiritu Santo, Villa Verde, Inca Camina, Koani, Libertad, Montuyoc, Monte Puncu, La Cruz

Rebel Skill: Vehicle Drop-Off allows the player to call a vehicle to be dropped at their position.


Rebel Op

The mission takes place inside a network station with multiple entry points and Santa Blanca soldiers occupying the interior. A network relay is found on one of the floors and must be hacked before a timer hits zero.

Based on the relay’s position in the station, there is often a most advantageous entry point. This optimal doorway offers the quickest path to the objective. Sometimes the closest door is only accessible from a roof, terrace, or balcony, which can be accessed by landing a helicopter or parachuting onto the landing.

Toss a Frag Grenade or plant C4 on a door to blow it open or if an explosive barrel sits next to the entry point, it can be used to get the job done. Be sure to keep a safe distance, so as not to take damage from the blast. This gets the attention of those inside, so ready for a big fight.

If available, call in Rebel Guns for Hire to assist in the mission. Send teammates inside to take the brunt of the hostile gunfire. Fight your way to the objective marker and once it is safe to do so, interact with the computer.

Rebel Support Skill

Selecting the Vehicle Drop-off skill calls on the rebels to deliver a vehicle to your current location, or at least a nearby road. At first an SUV is dropped off, but power upgrades change this to an armored vehicle (Unidad SUV) and then a helicopter. As you will find out, a helicopter is extremely valuable as certain terrains become extremely difficult to travel by land.

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