Subnautica: Below Zero – Get the Hover Bike

Easy guide on how to try out the Hover Bike!

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Spawn The Bike

  • Press F3 to open console. 
  • Press F8 to release mouse and un-tick “Disable Console” at the top. Hit Enter to start writing. 
  • Write spawn hoverbike and hit Enter. 
  • Press F3 to hide console.

If you are in water Hover Bike will raise to the surface. You can also spawn Hove Bike into your inventory by writing “item hoverbike”. Then you can just drop it on the ground to use it.

Using the Bike

Hover Bike cannot be used in water, only on ground or ice.

Change direction with mouse aiming and use WASD to move the Hover Bike in the direction of your choice.

After you’re done driving around you can stop by pressing E and pick it up (position yourself behind the vehicle).
You can access modifications window from the left side of the bike.

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