Subnautica: Below Zero – Useful Early Game Tips

This guide is about all you need for a decent start in Subnautica: Below Zero.

Guide to Start Early Game

All credit goes to CarlJ!

Early Game

Subnautica: Below Zero is still an early access baby, things change from time to time, content gets added, gameplay widens, but after all these updates until this point, I’m guaranteed to say that diving into Shallow Twisty Bridges won’t change much for now.


  • On the way to Sam’s dropped life-pod, you should start picking materials before you get there (Titanium,Quartz,Copper, Ribbon plants).

  • After you reach your life-pod, grab some fish (preferably Arctic Peeper for hunger and Bladderfish for water), you can craft food/water in your life-pod.

  • Gather resources for tools (Scanner / Survival knife / Oxygen tank / Fins / Flashlight) after that swim around Twisty Bridges biome and look for seaglide fragments to scan.

  • Don’t be scared of Deeper Twisty Bridges, because you can find Oxygen plants and explore more calmly (even after water pressure, when u reach 100m/200m and you don’t have Rebreather).

  • Creepvine biomes are totally not dangerous like the original game, but there are Seamonkeys and they can steal items you are holding in hand (Seamonkeys are not fast, you can grab the item back from his hands, or after hitting the monkey, item will drop down).

  • If you go to the surface (and it’s not foggy) look around, you should be able to see weird human built platform, you can find a builder tool with no battery there.

  • Now you can easily build a decent starter base with about 16 Titanium, 6 Quartz, 5 Copper, 2 Silver. Design is very simple, can hold a lot of wall lockers, has a fabricator and a battery charger.

  • You can click an item in your PDA’s researched items tab OR right click on item in Fabricator to pin it. you will be able to see what ingredients you need for it and how much you have on you as well.
  • There is a good spot for a main base, near Rocket Island, you should be able to find two volcanos by spotting their fast big smoke coming out. Good place to place Thermal Plants, build some Electricity extenders. Plus huge amounts of mid-game materials.

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