Geometry Dash – Demon Progression

Please note: all credit goes to Zovible!

I have beat some demons (217 as of typing this) and I’ve beaten at least one of every single type. In this guide i will tell you a path that you may want to take but its not for everyone.

Easy Demons

Beat other demons between here these are just the major ones.

1. The nightmare By GWJax – This is a very easy demon, maybe not if you first stared the game but when you get good enough it will be really easy.

2. The Lightning Road
This demon can be done before the nightmare, as they are almost the same difficulty.

3. Clubstep
This well help you build your flying and timing skills for the harder demons.

4. Speed Racer By ZenthicAlpha
This demon is fast paced and will help with being used to the fast speeds and speed changes. it will also help you get better with the ship and some memorization.

5. Problematic
This is the 1st Nine Circles level you should do and will help with weird timings, wave, and flashing colors/lights.

6.Insomnia By Glittershroom
This demon will be hard at first but once you know what you’re doing it wont be that bad at all. it is a memorization-ish demon though.

7. Freedom By MrPPs – This demon is a very large jump from Insomnia and will take you awhile. the reason this jump is here is because it wont be getting slightly harder each time from here on out. it will also build stamina because it is an XL level.

Medium Demons

1. Theory Of Everything 2 – This should be a good stating point for Medium demons. it was the 1st one i beat anyways.

2. Deadlocked – This demons is the final robtop demon (as of 2.0) and will help build alot of skills needed to do most of these next demons.

3. Sidestep by ChaSe – This demon is really annoying at first and will take time but in the long run it will help.

4. Chaoz Impact By TheRealDarnoc – Nothing to say here, just an average demon.

5. Reanimation – This is the 1st bossfight level on this list. It is a fast paced XL Demon and is a good stepping stone to the next level.

6. Jawbreaker by ZenthicAlpha – Most people dont call this a medium demon but it is quite hard for one. it was my 20th demon and only took me 1K attempts.

7. Nine Circles – Most everyone does not consider this a medium demon, but is around the same difficulty as jawbreaker.

8. Lonely Travel – This level is long… like 6 min. long. this will definetly help with getting used to longer demons. It is not very hard, probably 5-7 star difficulty consistant, but its very long. (Dont die at 99%).

Hard Demons

This is where Nine Circles and Jawberaker Pay off.

1. Spaced Locked – This demon is fun. It should be everyones 1st hard demon in my opinion.

2. Supersonic
– The beginning of the sonic series, it is a fast paced hard level that can be really annoying at the end.

3. Fairydust – This was my 1st hard demon and is really not that bad once you know what a nine circles level is like.

4. Forest Temple – This demon will again make your timings better and know how to read timings better. This demon i level raced my friend and he is much better at the game since beating this and fairy dust.

6. Ditched Machine – This is your introduction to duals. The dual gamemode is personally my favorite and Ditched Machine is one of my favorite Dual levels.

7. Ultra Drivers – This is the 2nd Dual level on this list and is a big step up from ditched machine (Ditched Machine should be easy by now) this is the part where we almost have that dual skill perfeced and this is the 2nd to last step in doing so.

8. Dual Knight – This level is all dual.

9. Dance Massacre – This demon will be a fun one once you know how to do it. It is a well rounded hard demon and you shouldent have too many problems.

Insane Demons

1. Malware – This is actually a hard demon but has the gameplay style of insane demons.

2. Windy Landscape – From now on we are going with how i did them in order no matter how big the jump. Windy Landscape is an interesting level to say the least. the hardest parts are at the beginning and slowly get easier from the end of the drop.

3. 8o – 8o was a pain for me (look at the jump though) and only took me 3.5K attemps which suprised me.

4. Hyper sonic – This used to be an extreme demon but was moved to insane around the time i beat it.

5. Ultra sonic – This level was fun and beating it wasn’t that bad.

6. Poltergeist – The beginning was changed since i beat it so i cant really say how hard it is now, but the wave is only hard at the beginning.

7. Hi – Im not even going to on this level.

Extreme Demons

1. Deception Dive – This level is not fun after awhile but do this first.

2. Cataclysm – Watch EricVanWilderman beat it because in one of his videos (probably both) he gives tips on how to beat it.

3. ICDX – Again watch EVW.

4. Fexty – This demon was kind of fun, kinda not. really nothing to say here.

5. Downbase – Just no.

6. Bloodbath – It is seriously over rated BB is not that hard at all, it could have been my 3rd extreme demon.

7. Sakupen Hell – Very fast tight wave.

8. Phobos – Nothing really to say here.

9. God Eater – This demon is 37th (as of 2/23/2019) and is very over rated. if you cant run it grab a copyable and delete all the detail.

10. Black Blizzard – It will help you for the last one.

11. Hatred – Also a timing level.

12. Bausha Vortex 2nd to last NC level on this list.

13. ZAPHKIEL – I know we just did a 28th-9th jump but again its what i did.

14. Erebus.

15. Yatagarasu – Havent beaten it quite yet but i should have before my hardest.

16. Sonic Wave – This is my hardest demon as of 2/23/19 and it was painful and very fun. sonic wave is a fun demon that will prepare you for the last 4 if i had to give any tips it would be get the beginning up to the wave consistent, than practice every other part that is a not a wave part till its consistent, than practice the level backwards (From the last wave slowly moving back) and then once you’re comfortable with the level just do it.

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