Enderal: Forgotten Stories – Console Commands (Cheats)

All console commands that work in Enderal: Forgotten Stories. And console commands to fix broken quests.


These console commands have the potential to break your game so don’t hold me responsible for that!

Quest Console Commands

Manually set a stage in a quest to complete buggy objectives:

  • setstage {QUEST ID} {Objective Number}

For example: “setstage MQ08Prologue 45”

Find out all stages of a quest:

  • player.sqs {QUEST ID}

For example: “player.sqs MQ08Prologue”

Useful Commands

Change FOV:

  • fov

Changes field of vision without need of opening options.

Disable all UI:

  • tm

Toggles on and off all UI. Useful for screenshots.

Disable grass:

  • tg

Toggles on and off grass.

Disable trees:

  • tt

Toggles on and off trees.

Disable water:

  • tws

Toggles on and off water.

Change sex of your character:

  • sexchange

Changes the sex of your character.

Items Console Commands

Add any item (you will need item codes):

  • player.additem {ITEM NAME or CODE} {Number of items}

Add coins:

  • player.additem 0000000f {Number of coins}

Add lockpicks:

  • player.additem 0000000a {Number of lockpicks}

Remove an NPCs items:

  • removeallitems

You have to click on the NPC after bringing up the console.

Player Modifications

Increase health, stamina and/or mana:

  • player.setav {health or stamina or magicka} {Number you want}

For example, “player.setav health 1500” sets your health to 1500.

Increase Carry Weight:

  • player.setav carryweight {Number you want}


God mode:

  • tgm

Toggles god mode on and off.

Unlock all map markers:

  • tmm {1 or 0}

Toggles all map markers. 1 unlocks all map markers and 0 hides all map markers.

Unlock all spells:

  • psb

Make NPC’s immortal:

  • setessential {NPC ID} {1 or 0}

1 means immortal, 0 makes them killable.

Make followers/NPCs immune to damage and staggering:

  • setghost {0 or 1}

Click on the NPC you want to make immune to damage and staggering. 1 means immune and 0 means they take damage.

Toggle on and off AI:

  • tai

Toggles off all AI, freezing everyone.

Toggle on and off hostile AI:

  • tcai

Toggles off all hostile AI.

Kill an enemy or NPC:

  • kill

Need to click on the NPC after opening console.

Resurrect an NPC:

  • resurrect

Need to click on the NPC after opening console.

Unlock locked doors and chests and lock them:

  • unlock
  • lock {0-100 Difficulty}

Need to click on the object first.

Cheat Items

Main command:

  • player.additem {Item code} {No. of item}

E.g. “player.additem 149676 1” adds a single Memory book to add one skill point to the character.

How to find item codes:

  • help {Items name} 0
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