Line of Sight – Zombie Defense Guide

All the best Tips & Tricks for the Zombie Defense game mode to help you beat it!

Your Class / Setup

So before you start, you will need the correct Combat Masteries and Abilities to be extremely effective. However, you will need to be lvl 20 to get all 20 combat mastery points, but that’s not too important, tactics and basic knowledge are more important!

Abilities and Combat Mastery

Go to your Inventory, then select a Loadout to customize for your new Zombie Mode Loadout. Go to Abilities and choose Electrocution + Medit.

When using the Electrocution Ability, aim at the sky or just high above enemies so that is attacks almost every zombie (1 hits all of the normal zombies).

Line of Sight - Zombie Defense Guide

If you haven’t unlocked both of those Abilities, the next best abilities would be Satellite Strike and Resistance. Use the Satellite Strike and then use Resistance straight after, so that the Satellite Strike doesn’t kill you.

Combat Masteries are located to the right of your Abilities, click on Combat Masteries and then Edit to start creating your Combat Mastery loadout. You get 1 Combat Mastery point per level up, and you are maxed out at lvl 20, with 20 points.

Here’s what to use:

Line of Sight - Zombie Defense Guide

This will basically give you the ability to run whilst reloading, do fast reloads and take no damage for using Psionics (You still take damage from the Satellite Strike if it hits you), amongst other things.
If you are a low level, i would prioritise getting “No Penalty” 1st, then “Reload Master”.


I would recommend using an RPK (MG, Machine Gun), not sure if it’s the best MG though, also if you don’t own an MG for this game mode, you can enter a lobby that has MG/Machine Gun Only enabled, when the match starts you will get a free M60 to use during the match.

Finding A Match

Do not use the Quick Find matchmaking option, go to Server Browser and create or find a lobby with MG (Machine Guns) only, if a player joins without a Machine Gun (LMG) they will get a free M60 to use during the match. I recommend having atleast 6 players before you start.

How To Win

After Round 1 or 2, a special type of zombie will start spawning, they spit balls of poison which covers the ground in Poison, so kill these guys fast whenever you see them (They can make the higher round very dificult if people just ignore them for too long). They die pretty fast.

Line of Sight - Zombie Defense Guide

Half way through every Wave, everything will stop spawning for about 5-10 seconds, it’s always a good idea to quickly refil ur ammo to max with the Ammo Containers spread around the map.

If you are near the end and desperate for ammo, the best time to go for ammo is when there isnt much aggro on you, and right after you use a Psionic Ability, if you have Satellite Strike equiped, use that and your Resistance next to an Ammo Container and then collect your ammo whilst chaos rains down around you.

Oh, and after you get a certain amount of score from killing zombies, you will get an extra life! So just keep on defending the Generator and using your abilities on groups of zombies (I just use my Electrocution whenever i can if people are running around, 1 hits all of the normal zombies and helps people focus on teaming up on the tanks.)

[Most Important Tip / Part To Winning] At Wave 3, a new special type of Zombie will start spawning, these zombies are the ones that make everybody fail and lose the game.. They will run straight to the Generator and start destroying it really fast, they also have a high amount of health, so try to get close and do Head Shots.

Line of Sight - Zombie Defense Guide

Always be on high alert for these zombies, constantly check around the Generator to see if any are attacking it, if they are, get in close and start shooting them in head at close range, like in the picture below.

Line of Sight - Zombie Defense Guide

At the end of Wave 6, a horde of Rolling Exploders will spawn, use your Abilities to kill most of them to save yourself and others.

It should be fairly easy up to Wave 8 if your team is killing the OP zombies that only attack the core, hopefully your Generator has 80% or more health for Wave 8, if not 100%. Wave 8 will be very dificult, there will be tons of those hard zombies that only attack the Generator, you need your entire team to be on alert and try kill them before they make it to the Generator. Try to aim to keep atleast 50% generator HP by the end of Wave 8, on Wave 9 there won’t be any of those generator attacking zombies, try to protect it still and hopefully you will about 80% Generator HP for the start of Wave 10, and Wave 10 is pretty much the same as Wave 8, but with a lot more Mutated Tanks.

Extra Tips

Try not to die more than 2 times before wave 8, on wave 8 and afterwards, it is sometimes best to just die if you are low on HP and Ammo, if you didn’t die too much earlier, you should have plenty of lives, reviving will give you full ammo, HP and full Mana to do your abilities, also dieing may be faster DPS to continue guarding your Generator. Just don’t do it too many times.

Line of Sight - Zombie Defense Guide

Have every one spread out and close to the generator, killing everything up until about wave 6, makes the rounds go by faster and keeps it easy, when there’s too many and someone has started to move around, it’s time to start running in circles close to the generator to draw all aggro, this will stop zombies from attacking the generator, if everyone does this constantly, then the Generator probably wont even get hit once until Wave 3 or 4.

You will get the Camo Rewards for the equiped weapons/character in the loadout that you are using, 1st time i completed it, i got the camo skin on my character’s uniform/armour, the 2nd time i completed it, it added the camo skin to my Helmet and Mask also 😀 So it seems like you have to complete it more than once to get extra camo skins, i can confirm that it works the same way with the weapon skins, 1st win = Basic Body camo skin, 2nd win = Camo Skin on all weapon parts.

If you are using a free M60 MG and you beat wave 10, you will get the Camo skin for the M60 and NOT your equiped loadout primary weapon =/

Confirmed that you can win with less than 8 players as the zombie health scales to the amount of players.

Wave 9 is what i call a player killer wave, the zombies main goal in this wave is to kill players, and at the end of that wave, lots of mutated tanks will spawn, expect to die a few times on this wave.

You can spend 5 Diamonds to revive if you have no lives left, if your good, then you definately won’t be needing to spend any Diamonds, unless you wasn’t careful and died too much.

After every wave, your Ability Regeneration Rate increases.

PPU Armour (Psychokinetic protection) will reduce damage from spitters and exploders.

Short Guide

So basically, if you have the combat mastery and abilities set up, the most important part to winning is to have atleast 3-4 players defending the generator at all times, running around it to draw aggro and your team MUST kill every single special zombie that attacks the core only, if your the only person attacking the special ones that attack the generator, its GG, tell your team about this tactic and to kill those ASAP.

All 10 Waves Recorded

Recorded all of the waves for you guys to see how we beat each wave, and what to expect from each wave.
Also the audio was broken so i added some lame free youtube music to every video, would have been muted if i didnt add any music, so just mute anyway if you don’t like it 😛

All Zombie Types


The Soldier, a basic zombie which will attack and chase any one in sight instead of the Generator. Psionic Abilities will 1 shot these.


The Tank, a stage 2 mutated Soldier, takes a ton of shots to kill and best to aim for the head whilst he chases you. Psionics aren’t that effective against these.


The Spitter, these zombies will keep their distance and vomit balls of poison at players, which also causes an AoE (Area of Effect) on the ground which stays on the ground for about 10 seconds. They don’t have much health and can be killed from far away with some careful headshots, best to kill these fast and not ignore them. Some Psionics may kill them.


The Exploders, they lock onto a player and either crawl or roll very fast towards their target and explode on contact causing about 20 damage. They are usually easily spotted in the distance by their very bright red eyes, they will die very fast if you get an HS before they start rolling or crwaling.


The Sucker, the most important zombie to kill ASAP, they will avoid players and attack the generator only. They suck the energy from the “Energy Source” AKA Generator which destroys it very fast. It is best to kill these with headshots only as they have tons of health. Don’t waste time using Psionics on these.

Mutated Tank

The Mutated Tank, a stage 3 mutated Solider, has about the same amount of health as a Tank, but hits a hell of a lot harder with about 20 damage per hit, they also have a 2nd attack, where they throw a giant rock at a player before entering the middle area.

Written by Adam Earlston!

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