Styx: Shards of Darkness – All Outfits & Daggers

Guide on the different outfits and daggers for Styx, how to get them and their bonuses and pentalties.


In Styx: Shards of Darkness Styx can wear different outfits and use different daggers. This guide lists all available outfits, what their bonuses and penalties are and how to get them.

You can switch outfits at your closet, which is you can find in Styx’s hideout in Thoben or at Hellendryn’s Airship.

Every outfit and dagger can be combined, for instance you can combine the Thoben jerkin with the Ambered dagger, the Cloak of invisibility with Bare hand and so on.

Thoben Jerkin & Assassin’s Dagger

The Thoben jerkin and the Assassin’s dagger is the standard equipment at the start of the game.

Bonuses and penalties:

The outfit and dagger provide no bonuses or penalties.

Akenash Outfit & Dagger of Akenash

The Akenash outfit and the Dagger of Akenash can be bought together as DLC, which you then can install at any point in the game. It can be bought on Steam for $2.99.

Bonuses and penalties:

Dagger of Akenash

  • Bonus: Dissolves enemies that have been killed. Everytime you kill, the enemy will automatically dissolve, leaving no trace of the body. 
  • Penalty: The blade is so blunt that it makes a muffled kill impossible. This means that you cannot make a silent kill, so everytime you perform a kill a nearby enemy may hear you and investigate the noise, which can make the game harder especially for new players. 

Akenash outfit

  • Bonus: Net increase in the life of clones. Your clones will live longer. 
  • Penalty: Styx loses 1 unit of life when his clone dies without being destroyed by Styx’s hand. When a clone dies by any other means other than Styx himself, you will lose 1 unit of life. 

Prisoner Outfit & Bare Hand

The Prisoner outfit and Bare hand are obtained following the storyline. You obtain them in Chapter 5, when you are thrown in the prison. After that, when you get to a closet you can equip a different outfit again.

Bonuses and penalties:

Bare hand

  • Bonus: Only the stealthiest goblins will have the audacity not to use a dagger. 
  • Penalty: Styx can no longer parry or kill his enemies. Whenever you are caught, instead of having the option to parry enemies you will die. 

Prisoner outfit

  • No bonuses or penalties.

Alchemist Toolbox & Ambered Dagger

The Alchemist toolbox outfit and the Ambered dagger can both be obtained through the skill tree. They are both found in the Alchemist skill tree. The Ambered dagger costs 300 skill points to unlock, the Alchemist toolbox costs 270 skill points to unlock.

Bonuses and penalties:

Ambered dagger

  • Bonus: Styx collects amber from victims killed with the dagger (1 unit per enemy). This means that with every kill made with this dagger, Styx gets 1 unit of amber. 
  • Penalty: On each injury sustained, Styx loses an equivalent amount of his amber. When Styx is injured, he loses as much amber as he loses health. 

Alchemist toolbox

  • Bonus: Allows Styx to craft items anywhere. Styx no longer needs a crafting table to craft items. 
  • Penalty: Styx generates more noise when he runs. When you run, enemies will notice you sooner.

Cloak of Invisibility & Tapered Dagger

The Cloak of invisibility and the Tapered dagger can both be obtained through side quests. The Cloak of invisibility can be obtained in Chapter 8 and the Tapered dagger can be obtained in Chapter 4.

Bonuses and penalties:

Tapered dagger

  • Bonus: Muffles the sound of all ground kills. Everytime you perform a ground kill it is automatically silenced, and takes as much time as a normal kill would.
  • Penalty: The blade is too fragile to parry enemies. You cannot parry an enemy, so whenever you are caught instead of getting the option to parry you’ll die. 

Cloak of invisibility

  • Bonus: Styx consumes no amber when he is invisible and remains motionless. It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you don’t move you’ll remain invisible without using amber. 
  • Penalty: The material is thin and does not provide much protection; Styx is more vulnerable to damage. You take more damage when getting hit. 

Tapered dagger quest:

Cloak of invisibility quest:

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