Styx: Shards of Darkness – All Tokens & Side Quest Collectible Guide

Hello everyone and welcome to Styx Shards of Darkness Collectible Guide as this is an Working Progress Guide I shall be Updating the Guide Soon as I am Happy With Each Video to make sure I have found everything.

Warning: If you happen to die You need to pick up the collectible again!

Mission 0: Prologue

The City Of Thieves

Mission 1: Revelations

The City Of Thieves

Diplomatic Vessels

Mission 2: Korrangar

The Doors Of Korrangar

The Residential Quarter

Mission 3: Diplomacy

The Noble Quarter

The Sanctuary

Mission 4: That Which Is Hidden

The Mine

The Lair

Mission 5: Caught In The Trap

The Goblin Prison

The Hunter’s Village

Mission 6: Smell of Freedom

The City Of Thieves

The Labyrinth Of Passage

Mission 7: Manipulation

The Sanctuary

The Noble Quarter

Mission 8: Sabotage

The Hunter’s Village

The Goblin Prison

Mission 9: Vengeance

The Noble Quarters

Written by Plasma SKX.

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