Octopath Traveler – How to Beat Managarmr Easily

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Managarmr (Untouched)

All credit goes to NeoRizer!

This will take a bit of know how and specific items to accomplish but this is one of the hardest fights in the game if you prolong his defeat. The quicker you dispatch this boss the better off you are. This is the fastest way I’ve seen him killed.

You’ll need the Double Tomahawk weapon equipped on someone to break his defence quickly. This weapon attacks twice for every single hit. If you boost someone to level 4 using your BP, you’ll attack 8 times with it. [Kind of like FF6’s Genji Glove + Offering / Bushido Scroll relics.]

Tressa will need to sub class Sorcerer and have some specific wind magic boosting weapons that only she can weld together.

  • Primeval Bow of Storm
  • Tradewinds Spear

Both these weapons increase Wind Damage and only Tressa can equip them both with her main job and Sorcerer subbed.

You’ll also need some heavy Sorcerer skills like Elemental Aid and Augmented Elements to reach the damage numbers in the video. There’s also a very rare accessory called Elemental Augmentor that give you an extra 100 magic attack per equip, there are only 3 of these found/earned in the game.

Again this isn’t the only way to beat him, merely a suggestion. You won’t be able to set your party up like this until the end game any way. All characters chapters will have to be completed and you’ll be ready to go against the true final boss.

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