Fishing Sim World – Waldsee Fishing Spots

The guide I am publishing for the Waldsee map is aimed at any player with any experience, its a really great map for beginners to earn some real quick XP and also a great place to catch some amazing fish.

Waldsee Fishing

All credit goes to jf3000!

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Fishing Sim World - Waldsee Fishing Spots

Before you start fishing in any of the lakes that I may mention, I have fished in a lot of different locations when it comes to just one map, is there a hot spot for catching beauties? Honestly, who knows. If there is one thing I can mention for Waldsee, it’s a great map for even the beginners, it offers a great selection of fish from Mirror Carp, Common Carp, Ghost Carp, Koi Carp, Catfish, Pike, Perch, Tench, Bream, Roach and Rudd, you’re guaranteed to catch a fish and also guaranteed to have a lot of fun in doing so.

In the Waldsee map I will let you know the areas I have fished, the fish I caught in that particular area, what my setup is and my strategy. A common tactic to easily lure in the best fish and still have a chance to catch that exciting fish.

The colors I use to identify the fish are not associated in anyway with the actual color of the fish, they’re just what I used at the time of making this map.

The locations picked with colors are very random, yes we know there are fish all over, but from the vantage points of the areas that were fished, these were the fish that were caught.

Main Rig:

  • Haichou 9ft Rod
  • Haichou Carp Beginner Reel
  • Vursa Braid Black 40lb
  • Korda Chod Rig


Pop Up Tiger Nuts, Imitation Fluro Maggots, Niteglow Sweetcorn, Niteglow Boilies, Hi-Vis Pop up, Sea Monster and Essential Cell.

I had a lot of luck using the Chopped Worm still using the same setup above and catching lots of Catfish.

Sure there might be a ton of bait we can use to catch different fish, but from the baits above, I’ve had a lot of great success and also catching named fish too as well as some rather large fish.

As for tactics, the fish in the Waldsee lake love attention as you can see from Figure A and more importantly especially at night since you get to see more clearer what is going on. In figure B you’ll see 2 lures, using the setup of sending out 2 lines with the above baits and the 3rd one of the Top Water lures, the fish can’t help themselves by being attracted to something that’s just floating on the surface and opt to take a look, as you can see in Figure A it’s quite an audience. Give it a shot.

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