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Eastshade - Secret Achievements Guide

Written by Kemo   /   Jun 18, 2019    
Eastshade - Secret Achievements Guide

Details on how to unlock the four secret achievements in Eastshade. I wanted to make this guide to collect information from my own experiences getting all of the achievements as well as information from other useful guides. I don't really understand why these achievements were made secret, so I wanted their unlock conditions to be easily accessible.

Clara's Song

To complete this achievement, you have to play the large chimes outside Rayna's house in the same sequence that you do as Clara in Leaving Lyndow.

Eastshade - Secret Achievements Guide

Friend of the First Folk

Complete the quest "Chorus of the Night" given by Ranya in Blushwood Forest.

  • Talk to Ranya inside her house (between the hot air balloon and Blushwood Forest).
  • Find the drummers at night. You might want to use a tent as they do not come out every night. They are not far from Aysun’s tent, south of the shore of the lake.
  • Return to Ranya.
  • Go and talk to the librarian, Leela in Nava’s university library.
  • Find the book in shelf C.
  • Meet Alejo at midnight by Mudwillow’s Mirror.
  • Give Alejo a painting of Nava’s skyline and go with him to his home (70 glowstones).

Northern Reaches

For this achievement you need to reach Ocean's Last Breath using the Reed Boat. It popped for me when I got to the ice cave excavation site.

Keeper of the Forest

Complete the game without picking any Black Thistles.

Game:   Eastshade
Written by Kemo.