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Eastshade - 100% Achievement Guide

Written by ThePugHybrid   /   Jun 18, 2019    
Eastshade - 100% Achievement Guide

A complete guide to all 18 Eastshade achievements with detailed explanations on how to obtain them.


Wash up in Ingov's cave.

Story related and unmissable. Unlocked after your ship sinks and you wake up in a cave, at the start of the game.

Highest Peak

Reach the highest peak in Eastshade.

For this achievement you need to complete the quest "The Air Balloon". After this you can get balloon rides to the mountain area.

When at the mountain area you can climb some stairs in the area to reach the top of the peak, unlocking the achievement.

The Balloon is located near the bridge into Nava. You will be able to see it from there.

Eastshade - 100% Achievement Guide

Northern Reaches

For this achievement you need to have unlocked the Reed Boat from the quest "The Thief of Sinkwood Inn". The boat can be crafted with 10 Heavy Reeds, 1 stick and 4 twine.

Twine is unlocked from completion of the quest "A Raft from Bloomsac".

When you have the Reed Boat sail to the "Oceans Breath" which is to the north on the map. Find the excavation site and the achievement will unlock.

Friend of the First Folk

This achievement is awarded for completing the quest "Chorus of the Night". This quest is unlocked by talking to Ranya in her house, near the lake (Nava side).

Follow the quest through for the achievement.


Correctly identify The Thief of Sinkwood Inn.

Complete the mission "The Thief of Sinkwood Inn" by telling the real detective which is the real thief. Mission unlocked by travelling to the Sinkwood Inn by raft (the building in the lake).

Quick answer: Helena

Family Reunited

Reunite the lost children with their father.

Unlocked by completing the quests "Toma’s Apples" and "Sheltered from the Wind".

During Toma's Apples you will find two children. Then complete Sheltered from the Wind, telling the father where his children are and this will complete both quest and unlock the achievement.

Prolific Artist

Complete every commission from Yevheniy's Art Gallery.

For this achievement you need to first complete the quest, "An Artist for Hire".

After this you can pick up commissions in the Nava Art Gallery. Complete all 12 commissions for the achievement.

  • A simple chicken – Paint a chicken.
  • A watermill – Paint any watermill.
  • A portrait of despair – Paint the sick person in Nava (From the quest "Toxic Tubers")
  • A cob house in the country – Paint any of the small houses on the island (Not Nava or Lyndow)
  • A lonely tower – Paint one of the towers in Eastshade.
  • A natural arch – Paint a natural stone arch in the world. There are at least two.
  • A small stone bridge – Paint any of the stone bridges across the world. You should know a few.
  • A mountainous snowscape – Paint in the mountain area.
  • A windmill – Paint a windmill.
  • A starry cavern – Paint in the Howling caverns.
  • The Tiffmor Ruins – Paint the Tiffmoor Ruins.
  • A cave of ice – Paint in the cave in the north after the mission "Dormant in the Ice"


Buy Osha's sealant with glowstones.

For this you have to purchase the Sealant from "One Glowstone Guy" for 500 Glowstones. You can do his request to get Sealant and still purchase the Sealant as well. Over the course of the game you should be able to save up 500 Glowstones from Art Commissions and quests.

If not you can always save, sell everything to him to make enough, buy it and reload. Other notable options are that Tiffmoor has lots of Mountain flowers which he will pay 2 Glowstone for. The women in the tree also buys Scragweed for 3 Glowstone.

He can be found in Nava.

Master Brewer

Brew every type of tea.

For this achievement you need to brew all types of tea. You will need the Kettle which can be purchased from the Nava Blacksmith for 20 Glowstone. Tea recipes can be found in books or guessed.

You will need to craft a campfire or find one to craft tea.

Eastshade - 100% Achievement Guide


Catch 10 fish.

For this achievement you will need the fishing rod which can be bought in Nava at the fish stand for 40 Glowstones.

Find a school of fish in a body of water like the lake or rivers and fish using bait you will have collected like Ink caps and eggs for small blue fish (Ultramarine Minnow). You can use small blue fish to get green fish (Thunder Trout) and the green fish to get orange fish (Dry Mouthed Sandfish). Fish for any ten fish to unlock the achievement.

Eastshade - 100% Achievement Guide
Eastshade - 100% Achievement Guide

Clara's Song

This achievement is a throwback to the prequel "Leaving Lyndow". Play the song from that game to unlock the achievement. The chimes can be found next to Ranya's house.

Solution: 5 6 5 3 4 5 4 2 3

Number equals position of chime from left to right.

Eastshade - 100% Achievement Guide

A Perfect Campsite

Build your first tent.

For this achievement you need to construct a tent with 4 fabric, 6 sticks and 5 twine. Twine is unlocked from completion of the quest "A Raft from Bloomsac".

To unlock the tent schematic you need to complete the quest "A Wounded Waterfox".

Eastshade - 100% Achievement Guide


Craft 15 canvases.

As simple as crafting 15 canvases across the game. Each canvas requires 2 boards and 2 cloth. Cloth can be bought from the art store in Nava or found over the islands. Boards can be found all over Eastshade.

Eastshade - 100% Achievement Guide
Eastshade - 100% Achievement Guide

Keeper of the Forest

This achievement is for completing the game without picking a single Black Thistle.

Eastshade - 100% Achievement Guide
Eastshade - 100% Achievement Guide


Complete every quest.

For this achievement you need to complete all 36 quests in the game. Try and talk to every NPC. If you are playing a full playthrough, talking to everyone it is practically impossible to miss quests.

Adventurer's Spirit

Discover every location.

For this achievement you have to discover all 42 locations. When you discover a location it will pop up at the top of your screen and you will gain some inspiration.

You will spend most the game exploring but some are well hidden so it can take a little bit of time to find the last couple of places.


Collect all the candles.

For this achievement you need to take 31 candles from across Eastshade. This can be quite the search.

Eastshade - 100% Achievement Guide

There and Back

Leave Eastshade.

This achievement is awarded upon completing the game and leaving on the boat. Follow the main quest, completing all of the paintings for the main mission, then follow the final mission.

Written by ThePugHybrid.

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