Guns of Icarus Alliance – The World Map, Deploying to Battles and War

A guide to everything you need to know about the World Map, deploying to battles, and most importantly the war!

The World Map

To access the world map, click on World in the top menu in game. The map continually updates to show faction progress. There are three tabs: Battles, Missions, and Resources.

The Battles tab is the default when you go to the map. On the map you will see icons at each battle you can deploy to, with white arrows pointing to the location you are currently deployed at. Along the bottom you will see your faction’s resource goals. On the right you will see your personal battle log, showing the last several matches you have played and which battle the experience for them went to.

The Missions tab shows missions each faction can complete for various rewards. You can see the progress that all factions are making in their missions, not just your own. These missions can help you decide where to deploy, to help your faction gain extra resources. You can also spend coins from your war chest to help complete missions faster.

The Resources tab shows what resources are in the areas that your faction controls. On the left side you can see how each faction is progressing in their resource goals.

Note that PVP players who do not own Alliance will be able to view the map, but cannot interact with it.

Deploying and Reinforcements

When you deploy to a battle, the war effort that you earn from playing matches will be applied to that battle. There is an icon on the map for each battle you can deploy to. White arrows above a battle will show you which one you are currently deployed to. You can change your deployment location at any time by clicking on an active battle, and selecting Deploy Here.

The cross hair icon indicates that this is a territory you are attacking to take away from an enemy faction.

The shield icon indicates that this is a territory you are defending from enemy attack.

The stars indicate that faction leaders are deployed at this territory. Deploying to an area with faction leaders present gives a buff to your war effort earned. Mousing over the icon will tell you which leaders are deployed there, and how much of a buff your war effort will receive.

The other way you can advance your faction is by using the coins in your war chest. You earn coins from playing matches, and your war chest will be able to hold more coins as you play more matches.

To spend your coins, select a battle and then click on Reinforcements. You can deploy reinforcements to any battle, not just the one you are deployed to. The first type of reinforcements will grant a bonus to all war effort you earn for the specified amount of time. The second type will immediately grant the specified amount of war effort at that location. The third type will block some of your enemy’s war effort at that location.

You can also use your coins to unlock new battles. Once the necessary amount of coins is put into the area your faction will be able to attack that location to take it from the enemy.


There are five resources on the map:

  • Water
  • Lumber
  • Mines
  • Farms
  • Medicine
  • Oil

Each faction has resource goals, which you can see at the bottom of the map, or by going to the Resources tab on the map.

Each faction is striving to gain new resources, and defend the ones they already have. Choose carefully which territory you deploy to, as conquering resources you don’t need may waste your hard earned war effort.

When one faction reaches its resources goals, the Great War will begin.

The War

When the war begins, the factions will be divided into two Alliances. The Alliances will then be able to vote for a war goal. These goals may range from acquiring resources to conquering a specific area deep in enemy territory. The goals will also include story elements, which will be influenced by faction choices and the outcome of the war.

After the voting period, the alliances will have a set amount of time to accomplish their goals. The war ends when one alliance reaches their goal, or the time runs out.

And So It Continues

Once the war ends, the factions return to their uneasy peace. Alliances are disolved, and territorial fights continue as before until war breaks out again.

Once the war is over, the events will be chronicled in the lore of Guns of Icarus. Details of tactics and outstanding acheivements will be recorded for history to remember. Every action has the potential to shift the battle, and change the course of history. Fight valiantly, and perhaps your name will go down in the records as the hero of your people!

Written by Wolfprints.

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