KurtzPel – How Long It Takes to Unlock the New Karma

Please note: All credit goes to Solustos!

This guide shows you how long it takes or how many dungeons you have to do to unlock the new Karma.

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The Calculation

First off, I did all this because I simply wanted to know how long this grind takes and for fun. And I thought that I could make a public guide so other people can also see how long it takes.

And here are some things to note:

  • The calculation is based on that you only do Grand Chase Dungeons, therefore the reward per dungeon is 239CP
  • I refer to Grand Chase Dungeon as GCD
  • You need 60000CP to unlock the Dual Soul
  • Let’s say 1 GCD is about 2-5 minutes long, we take the golden middle 3.5 minutes

Without Selling Drops

How many dungeons?
60000CP / 239CP = ~251 GCDs

How many hours?
251 GCDs * 3.5 minutes = 878.5 minutes = 14.6 hours

With Selling Drops

Things to note:

  • Drop chance in GCD: 5%
  • 1 drop is 600CP

Dividing the drops into every single match:
600CP * 0.05 = 30CP per GCD
239CP + 30CP = 269CP reward in one GCD

How many dungeons?
60000CP / 269CP = ~223 GCDs

How many hours?
223 GCDs * 3.5 minutes = 780.5 minutes = 13 hours

With Selling Drops and 30% Boost

Reward per GCD: 239CP * 1.3 = 311CP

With drops:
311CP + 30CP = 341CP

How many dungeons?
60000CP / 341CP = ~176 GCDs

How many hours?
176 GCDs * 3.5 minutes = 616 minutes = 10.3 hours

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