Factory Town – Starter Guide

You have just bought factory town? You dont know how to get started? This guide is aiming on helping you to do your first steps and learning the basic game mechanics.

First Steps

  • You just started the game, now you want to start playing it. To do that just click on the “New Game” button.

Factory Town - Starter Guide

  • Now just press create and the game will automatically create a New World.

I’m in the Game What Now?

  • You started the game and now you see a bunch of stuff, you see your base and your workers. But what now?

Factory Town - Starter Guide

  • First select one of the workers, by using LMB(left-mouse-button) and then press on an empty feald near it, using RMB(obvouisly right-click). Thats the basic mechanics of the game and we will use this a lot.
  • Now select him again but then send him to a tree. Now you will see a small log, wherever your pointer is. Drag your pointer to the base and press RMB again.

Factory Town - Starter Guide

  • Thats the basic mechanics of the game and we will use this a lot. For now just let the worker do its job, while we go on on some different stuff.

Build Houses

  • To get more workers, that we gonna need, we need to build houses. In order to do that, go into the building menu by pressing “b” or clicking on it in the lower left party of the screen, alternatively you can also press “4” or clicking on the house-icon in your hotbar.
  • Now place it somewhere (I recommend near the base) with LMB. You can also rotate it with “r”, but this will be only useful later in the game.

Factory Town - Starter Guide

Here is some extra info about houses:

  • Houses can be build on scaffolding blocks.
  • They need a space of 3×3
  • Houses can sell things for coins.
  • You can upgrade them to Lvl 5.
  • The higher the upgrade the more workers can live in it.
  • Depending on the level of the base you can create the number of houses

Here is some extra info about workers:

  • Workers can be used to transport things.
  • There are different types of workers.(more on that later)
  • Most of the building need workers to operate.
  • You can use workers to increase the speed of buidings

Lumber Mill

  • Now gather some stones. By again LMB a worker, RMB a nearby stone, RMB the base.
  • To go on you want to place a lumber mill(I recommend near some trees).
  • You should see a big gear on above the lumber mill, click it to and select planks as a recipe
  • Now select a new worker and let it feed wood into the lumbermill
  • To use the created planks you need to feed them into the shared inventory, in order to do that select a worker and hover over the lumber mill and LMB the small plank-icon and then RMB the base.
  • Slowly but sureley you should start do get some planks.
  • If you gathered 5 planks and 5 stones you should be able to upgrade your base. To do that just click on it and click on upgrade in the bottom right corner.

Factory Town - Starter Guide

Here is some extra info about the lumber mill:

  • The lumber mill can be used to produce planks and paper.
  • It uses wood(water for paper) as input.
  • It needs a minimum of one worker to function

Here is some extra info about the base:

  • The base is the heart of your game.
  • It contains a big shared inventory, that grows as you upgrade it.
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