Dead or School – Shinjuku Street Puzzle

Shinjuku Street Puzzle

If you played Dead or School and you have returned to Shinjuku Station to enter the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office but you decided to go left and explore the map and rescue the refugees, you come across the street puzzle.

In order to solve the puzzle you must the take the streets that have the corresponding item on the side of it, Street Lamp, Mail Box, etc.
When you go down the correct street you will hear a sound indicating you have taken the correct street.

Keep in mind, as this has happened to me, when attempting to make the puzzle for the street with the item on the side of it needed, to not be there. Just go down whatever path for the puzzle to reset and try again.

  • First puzzle: Mail Box -> Street Bench -> Phone Booth -> Vending Machine
  • Second Puzzle: Vending Machine -> Street Lamp (x2) -> Mail Box (x3)
  • Third Puzzle: Street Lamp -> Phone Booth -> Street Bench (x4) -> Vending Machine -> Mail Box

I have recorded myself playing until I managed to figure it and write this Walkthrough and double checked with my recording and tested the combinations again before posting.

Written by Money Joe

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