Tropico 6 – How to Complete The Referendum (Mission 12)

A list of things to complete mission 12: ‘The Referendum’ the easiest way possible.


Hello my friends! I struggled a little bit with this mission, failing two times in a row with happiness on 69/70, so after I figured out this easy way I thought I will share it. Hope it helps.

The Mission

So in this mission we need to achieve a happiness factor of 70 and an approval factor of 70 with 4 factions.

So how do we win easy? With the Colosseum of Rome (sorry Italy). With the Colosseum the only things we have to think about is food and fun. So it is important to build the spy academy very soon and don’t forget to send out the agents to steal the landmark. Shortly after we get a side quest where we need to raise the food satisfaction to a certain level. That is good since it is our goal anyway.

Tropico 6 - How to Complete The Referendum (Mission 12)


For that we need to build the mandatory three shopping malls. I would also recommend to build up a big variety of food productions. For example next to banana and pineapple plantations I would also build a juicery and upgrade the fishermen’s wharf to also produce shellfish.

Tropico 6 - How to Complete The Referendum (Mission 12)
Tropico 6 - How to Complete The Referendum (Mission 12)


After we achieved a good variety, we can build some entertainment buildings. The circus, stadium and snorkel bay worked best for me.


Now our happiness level probably doesn’t reach 70 yet, even though we built the Colosseum already (don’t forget that). Before we push that we get a little bit of approval. The easiest way to do that is to issue edicts. The four factions we choose are the capitalists, religious, industrialists and conservatives. For those factions we can issue “No Free Lunch”, “Right to Arms”, “Good old days”, “Experimental Ground Treatment” (not permanent), “Contraception Ban”, “Caribbean Trade Pact Association” (not permanent, also not recommend).

Tropico 6 - How to Complete The Referendum (Mission 12)

Hint: If that still don’t help we can customize our character to be charismatic and we can bribe faction leaders. There are also the side quests of course.


After the four factions love us we can raise the budget of malls and entertainment buildings. This will increase the satisfaction of the visitors and should push up the general happiness level over 70.

Tropico 6 - How to Complete The Referendum (Mission 12)


If the people are happy and love us we win when the last year begins (~365 days left).

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  1. Goat i was having to much trouble. Also found that restaurants are very good because they help with fun and food

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