For The King – Party Suggestions for Each Map

The synergy and combinations to beat different map up to master level, and the best final weapon for the party and the skills order.

Party Suggestions

It will be much more fun if you pick a particular party with the 3 classes which they are match and have synergy.

For different map I will suggest 5 party combo for each map which I have used the party to beat the map in master level. (Except into the deep which I haven’t tested the party composition yet.)

The five map and party comp are as follows:

  1. Herbalist + busker + blacksmith (1st Map – For The King, won the master level).
  2. Minstrel + hunter + woodcutter (2nd Map – Frost Adventure, won the master level).
  3. Scholar + trapper + monk (4th Map – Dungeon Crawl, won the master level).
  4. Treasure hunter + hobo + monk (5th Map – Hildebrant’s Cellar, got the three lore items with this party).
  5. Scholar + trapper + busker (3rd Map – Into The Deep).

First Map – For The King (1 – Herbalist + Busker + Blacksmith)

Herbalist build intelligence for more herbs, busker have entertain for money and have good strength to build ad items, distraction of busker+steadfast of blacksmith make good defense.

In the first map, you will keep doing town mission to reduce chaos if it is master level. There is lots of time to walk on land, so herbalist can gather herbs. If you are on boat, you can make the herbalist end turn on island to have a chance to get herb.

You should give busker a two handed melee weapon as soon as possible, otherwise you cant take out opponent team with an ap lute easily. You can gather the money at start to buy a strength weapon for busker, so with the blacksmith hammer splash damage, you can take down opponent team easier. Usually you should have two hero with ad damage, and only one with magic damage, since ad weapon do more damage on enemies.

This team combo is a defensive one, I will prefer herbalist over scholar in this comp, since if you play master level, you have little time to get resource, herbs become very valuable. Although scholar can refocus, but magic item hardly do any damage at the early stage, party heal become more useful, you can use blacksmith to taunt, busker to kill, and herbalist to take down high armor enemy, do some AOE damage, or some supportive action. Most intelligence items don’t need focus point and still do perfect damage, it is very easy to get int equipment that you will have above 85% full roll success without focus point.

Don’t sell all items that is not using, especially in master level. If you are fighting a skeleton with a hand cannon in the cave, you need something to shock him; if the enemies are heavy melee one, you can use blacksmith to taunt, but he may not stand long; what you can do is give herbalist an ivory tome, and use the skills that can give blacksmith reflection. You will find blacksmith can avoid lots of damage and deal reflective damage to enemies. Blacksmith should get more reflection items if he can to make his taunt more useful.

Fairy dust will be useful on blacksmith. Blacksmith can use fairy dust instead of taunt, and he can attract enemies and do attacking at the same time, with armor and mr bonus like taunt.

This party is better than other party in this map, its because most of the time the intelligence hero have no protection before the blacksmith can taunt, since blacksmith is not that fast. And so say like the scholar being hit in every combat beginning and finally got killed. When you have a busker, you can have distract to protect the intelligence hero at the beginning to protect the squishy hero.

If you want a quicker taunt protection from blacksmith, you can give him a weapon like vitality knife or some single hand strength weapon that can increase speed. Keep some shock items for them, like zeus blade. If herbalist have great water tome, your whole team should have enough focus point most of the time.

I will prefer a two handed hammer for busker, since hammer splash damage is very useful.

Second Map – Frost Adventure (2 – Minstrel + Hunter + Woodcutter)

Encourage+called shot+justice have good synergy, all you need is a white lute/healing staff for minstrel to party heal.

I found this map can buy less Godsbeard than any other map in mater level. And most of the time you will ride on a boat and ambush the enemy one by one on the north part to gain money and resources. Because of this, hunter will be useful in ambush hunt, and herbalist is not suitable because you are on boat most of the time and you cant buy much Godsbeard for party heal.

A minstrel is better than a scholar, since minstrel’s lute at the beginning allow gold multiply percentage. Secondly, in case hunter missed a called shot, you still have encourage to make hunter roll in full success. And encourage also allow woodcutter to do more damage than usual, encourage allow woodcutter to save more focus points when fight weaker enemies and still take them down fast, and then when you face stronger enemies, you have more focus point to make justice chance higher.

If you are lucky enough, you may have the best three items for this three classes:

  • When you have Royal Bow for hunter, Great Water tome for minstrel, and Royal Hammer or something similar for woodcutter…
  • In any combat, you can use Royal Bow – Speed Down to slow the opponents team, once they have the slow icon, you cant slow them more until their slow icons disappear;
  • Then you can use Great Water tome – Aqua Blast if you can take down one opponent, or Rainstorm to damage their whole team, or Party Calm III if your woodcut or hunter is low in focus points;
  • Next you can use something like Royal Hammer to damage enemies’ whole team;
  • And then if you are lucky enough, you will left with one enemy and usually this enemy is quite hard to take down. And the enemy will cause a lot of damage to your heros.

All you need to do is using Royal Bow again with the ability Reset. Reset cannot be immune, it will always work when you have focus point to ensure 100%reset.

Reset is an ability to make enemy skip a turn. You can see the bar on top showing the sequence of which hero will take turn. If you have only one enemy left, it is very easy to see what Reset do, it basically make the enemy skip next turn.

So the final enemy will never take turn when you have focus point enough to reset. And use Great Water tome – Party Calm III, which will gain whole team 3 focus points each. And you can always restore focus point after any combat if you have this 3 items.

Forth Map – Dungeon Crawl (3 – Scholar + Trapper + Monk)

Scholar build int, trapper build awareness or talent items, monk can build ad tank. You can give monk a refocus hat or refocus bell so that whole team has refocus. When there is no encourage, trapper will be more useful than hunter, since no encourage means the called shot ability of hunter will be very unstable.

Why trapper over hunter? Because trapper can use lute. In the last stage of this map, the enemies have 120+ health, I actually need the scholar to use the 35 ad damage cannon, because scholar have refocus, you actually don’t need any strength to use cannon, all you need is focus points. Plus there is a monk discipline to double ensure scholar still have focus points for cannon. I equipped monk with 35 damage cannon too. I really need to take down opponent quick, otherwise the accumulative damage in each combat will make me run out of resources soon. And at this stage, I changed trapper awareness item to a lute. I forgot which lute, but there is a lute that can increase the whole team damage. Trapper is a fast hero, so trapper should be the first one to cast the lute increase whole team damage ability; I am building the monk with every speed equipment possible, because I need monk discipline on time to regain other classes focus point. And scholar is a hero that is quite fast. So with increased damage by trapper lute and 2 cannons, I take down most enemies team quick, which allow me to gain money rather than spending money in town to heal.

But this method is used in late game. There is also a problem in mid game in this map master level mode. You will encounter a stage that you don’t have enough money for Godsbeard, monk party heal will use up less money in this stage. In the mid stage, you may lose more resource than you can gain in combats. You really need a method to earn some money when you are out of combat in this stage. I found that you may need a Royal Droll Hat, which can be obtained when you beat one of the scourge. What you need to do is passing a Royal Droll Hat to each member of your team who is going to end turn, and the hero end turn on town or near town with this hat at daytime (nighttime is night market or carnival.) It is better if you can equip some gold multiply item during this period. This passing Royal Droll Hat will allow you to generate some out of combat money which is handy to pass the mid stage.

I ended this dungeon map with cannon, but I have another idea that I haven’t tried yet: if I have great water tome for scholar to regain whole team 3 focus, a royal lute for trapper to reset enemies whole team, I can use monk to do damage without taking any damages from most of the enemies team.

Fifth Map – Hildebrant’s Cellar (4 – Treasure Hunter + Hobo + Monk)

Treasure hunter can build intelligence/awareness/talent item, hobo is a speed strength so give him hand cannon, monk is the healer with strength and intelligence.

Hobo has less focus point, so hobo very rely on monk discipline to regain focus point, & monk can build speed to ensure discipline on time.

You can have lots of different combination in this party combo:

  • Int TH+tal HB+str ML / tal TH+awa HB+int MK / awa TH+str HB+cri MK….. / etc

This three classes have a similar advantage: they can have a flexible choice of builds. In the endless cellar, you will want some classes that can use the most powerful weapons you just pick by chance. This team allow this flexibility.

Other classes like herbalist, you can only give him intelligence item (herbalist hardly build good awareness items even he has quite good awareness, awareness items unlike other items, they need a higher stats to build.). If you pick hunter, you can only give him awareness items.

So if your strongest items at any stage is Talent, Strength, Strength, a scholar or a hunter will be an headache. If the strongest 3 items are Intelligence, Awareness, Intelligence, scholar and hunter can use them this time, but treasure hunter can take awareness, and hobo and monk can take the other two and they will be just as good as scholar and hunter combo.

Awareness equipment will make treasure hunt faster, so her speed will increase even she has slow speed starting stats.

Monk can party heal, which is useful in this Cellar since you can use less Godsbeard, and I usually just upgrade monk’s pipe, seems to work even the other two pipes didn’t upgrade.

The starting weapon of treasure hunter – a gun, can deal good AOE damage in the beginning, and she can also get a shield along with this talent gun. And monk discipline will ensure refocus to ensure treasure hunter have the focus point to use the gun; if the gun owner run out of focus point, you may switch weapon rather than reload the gun; if the gun is loaded but you don’t have focus point to use, you can wait until monk disciple, you may attack with the last ability of the gun and save the shot until you have focus point.

Hobo usually good at using strength weapon, since there is no hero with good starting strength that can have 70 speed.

Third Map – Into The Deep (5 – Scholar + Trapper + Busker)

I choose busker rather than blacksmith or woodcutter because blacksmith steadfast rely on having a shield, woodcut rely on two hand melee weapon, but busker distraction will not be affected with any weapon, so busker can basically pick any weapon without a problem.

I haven’t tried this combo, but I guess it may work in this map.

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    • From the context, physical damage.

      “Usually you should have two hero with ad damage, and only one with magic damage, since ad weapon do more damage on enemies.”

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