House Flipper – Garden Tips

A collection of tips I’ve found useful.

The Bush Cutter

This seems to be the one thing most people hate – and it’s a pity. Years ago we lived in a house with a small lawn so we got what was called a “Bush Wacker” but it seems to work just about the same way.

1. If you look at the image below you can see that a cut circle has been created. This is the secret to how to get the best use out of this tool. No straight lines but a series of circles. Also most times to get a complete cut you need two passes over the same area.

What I do is, starting on the right side – swing left, swing back to the right, take one step forward.

House Flipper - Garden Tips

2. It is frustrating to keep track of what is going on by watching the Minimap. So I don’t – I use the flashlight (f) to watch what I am cutting with only a short glance at the Minimap for reference, and then over again for clean up. But the thing to remember is: You are cutting where the center of the light is. Also this makes it easier to see what you missed.

House Flipper - Garden Tips

3. Don’t try to do the whole thing in one shot. Do an area, do something else like weeds/cut trees/plan/go inside and work on the interior – and then come back later and do more.

Divide into Parts

If you look at the image below the whole area has been divided into sections.

This is an enormous help when cutting grass (only do one at a time and you will never feel overwhelmed again) and in planning your garden.

House Flipper - Garden Tips

I always get “Professional Garden” I think because I plan a different event/usage in each section and make each area different. One area could have a fountain but the next area could have a rest spot with a special group of plants or sculpture to look at.

Chopping Down Trees

The designers obviously have been out in the woods and chopped down trees. The thing to remember is that trees should be cut at from at least two sides. If you have been hacking away 5 times or more before you get the tree to fall – try walking around and hitting it from the other side. A really big tree with a thick trunk might fall faster if hit from a third side too.

Keystrokes are Great

Don’t know how I found it and it isn’t mentioned anywhere in the Options but in fact Keystrokes are really fantastic in this game.

If you have ever accidentally sold an item you just bought because of an over “helpful” mouse, you know the feeling. To avoid such things, and a bunch of other “happenings” see if keyboard strokes don’t help you. Also I’ve found it faster as well as easier with the keystrokes because most of the time your hand is anyway on the keyboard.

This is the map for the Garden Keystrokes

House Flipper - Garden Tips

This is the map for the House Keystrokes

House Flipper - Garden Tips

Written by SericaRose

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