House Flipper – Maximum Perks / Level Up (Cheat)

If you want to get maximum perks and level up your abilities, then this guide shows you, how to do that!

Locating the file

You have to open the file “PlayerProgress.dat” with a texteditor in the following folder:

  • C:Users*Your Name*AppDataLocalLowEmpyreanHouse Flipper GameSaves

Editing the Value

There you jump to the section called “skills” and type in the number “9” in the string called “numberOfPerksAvailable”.

Here is an example how it has to look for the perks of cleaning:

“skills”: {
“cleaning”: {
“eyeOfTheMotherInLaw”: 0,
“fastHands”: 0,
“longDistance”: 0,
“numberOfPerksAvailable”: 9,
“isCertificated”: false

Now save and back in the game you have 9 ability points in the category Cleaning.
Repeat the step and type in the number 9 for all other categories like demolition, painting, building, design, negotiation and handyman!

Another Method

Or you can edit the number behind the single abilities to 3, because 3 is the highest single level you can reach, then it would look like this:

“skills”: {
“cleaning”: {
“eyeOfTheMotherInLaw”: 3,
“fastHands”: 3,
“longDistance”: 3,
“numberOfPerksAvailable”: 0,
“isCertificated”: false

In this example all abilities in category Cleaning are at maximum level and you have none perks available. But I prefer cheating you 9 points and then you can choose yourself, for what you want to spend it.

Don’t Forget

But don’t forget, you have to edit it for all categories you want; like cleaning, demolition, painting, building, design, negotiation and handyman; I only showed you the example for cleaning.
Editing files is on your own risk, so please create a copy of your files before you edit something!

Ah and… by the way… search for the string “money” in this file and guess what to do with it!

Written by Bauer-horst

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