Golden Treasure: The Great Green – The Great Lesson (Walkthrough)

Walkthrough with maps for solving The Great Lesson.

The School of History


Golden Treasure: The Great Green - The Great Lesson (Walkthrough)

The fastest way to get through the maze with an extra secret discovered:

The paintings contain teleports. Fastest route is: right, left hole, back, right, forward, forward, left hole, right, right hole, right, back, forward, left, right hole, back, right.

In this school you are uncovering the history of your people. There are 7 panels to discover in the maze. Once you have found all 7 panels you can proceed to the graduation point. To find all 7 panels:

  • Right then back
  • Left
  • Left then back
  • Middle
  • Right then back
  • Left
  • Left then back
  • Right then back
  • Back
  • Back
  • Right
  • Left then back
  • Right
  • Left then back
  • Right to graduate

When you reach the Ohms, avoid the option to pass them by to begin with (so you can get the elemental masteries from the other dialogue options first), don’t destroy them (I assume…I haven’t tried frying them, it might be interesting?) and don’t return to the maze (this will waste time). When you have used all other dialogue options, ask if you can pass them by. Provided you have all 7 panels discovered, this will lead to the need to sequence the panels as follows (these are from memory; I’ll try to get screenshots or more detail from my next play through):

  1. Panel with sun above and earth below.
  2. Panel with a large proud and happy looking Draak surrounded by smaller ones.
  3. Panel with the Others arriving in spaceships and shooting down Draak (similar to #5, differences TBA)
  4. Large Draak leading an army against the Others.
  5. The Other’s spaceship dominating the sky and Draak dying.
  6. The Other’s making more human shaped creatures.
  7. The Others are gone and the are Draak and human shaped creatures.

The School of Wisdom

Tip if you want to figure out the map yourself but want a hint to get started:

The infinity symbol means you have returned to the same place every time.


Golden Treasure: The Great Green - The Great Lesson (Walkthrough)

Your aim here is to visit all 4 schools in the maze and obtain the blessing of the instructor there.
If you are short of energy The School of Faith will give you food at the cost of reputation.

The best way to obtain the blessings:

The School of Knowledge

To obtain the blessing you have to be reasonably fast at mental arithmetic. Have a calculator handy if this is a challenge. The final question involving square roots is always 51. Other questions will vary.

The School of Faith

Answers to obtain the final blessing:

  1. The surface.
  2. The second.
  3. Chartreuse (veridian should also be correct imo but nvm).
  4. Faith.

The School of Emptiness

To obtain the blessing, remain silent for all the questions.

The School of Wealth

Ask him how much his life is worth in sand and then point out that he he has taught you that morality is irrelevant.

Once you have obtained all 4 blessings, proceed to the graduation point.
There you must refuse the invitation to join each of the 4 schools. Some reasons give more elemental mastery than others but I haven’t tested them all. Every answer appears to give at least something, so I recommend going with your favourite answers.

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