SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions – Story Progress Tips (Walkthrough)

Story mode has some mechanics that the game doesn’t tell you outright. Read on to learn what those are.


All credit goes to XGonna!

This guide is meant for those who have no time to experiment and simply want to blow through the story before moving on. To anyone who has completed one or more story segments, what little info is here may seem obvious.

Spoilers may be found beyond this point. This is currently a work in progress, I may add multimedia later on.

How is Story Progress Measured?

Story progress is measured in two parts:

  • Current Reflexology mode progress.
  • Overall story progress.


When you start a normal round of Reflexology, your progress at the end of each massage session is displayed and measured by a little crystal thingy.

The crystal fills with, let’s call it liquid progress, after each massage. Fill the crystal to the top and you will have completed a round of Reflexology.

SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions - Story Progress Tips (Walkthrough)

Overall Story Progress

At the end of each round of Reflexology, you are presented with a golden outline of a heart. A sparkling light dances around the heart and then reveals an image piece. There are five pieces to the image and getting all five completes the game’s story.


The game tells you how to affect the story, “Change the color of the heart.” or something to that extent. They don’t really tell you how (Or maybe I missed it.).

Changing Colors

What the game is telling you is that you can change the color of the liquid that fills the crystal. You do this by purposely choosing a response type during the first Standard Reflexology: Body session you perform in Reflexology mode.*

There are five colors, each color corresponds to a different response and a different outcome at the end of Standard Reflexology: Body. These outcomes then affect the overall story dialogue.

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple

You find the colors by touching/squeezing different parts of the shinobi’s body. Sometimes two colors are in the same spot, but one color is touch activated while the other is squeeze activated. Do not forget that you can rotate the camera to get to the back, butt, and shoulders.

Once you find the color you want, continue to touch/squeeze/caress that part until Glorious Reflexology begins. Complete Glorious Reflexology and the crystal will become the color of the response you just completed. Complete 4-5 more Standard/Glorious Reflexology sessions with that color** to fill the crystal.

*I don’t know if you can change the color after the first session.

**I don’t know if you need to continue using that color after completing the first session.


Fill the crystal a total of five times, once for each color, to get the corresponding image pieces for the heart. Once the heart is complete, you will receive a new image to view and the story will reach its conclusion.

Congrats. Completing story mode unlocks a bunch of stuff to use in other play modes.

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