MLB Perfect Inning 2019 – Strategy Tips and Tricks

MLB Perfect Inning 2019 Guides:

Strategy Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of MLB Perfect Inning 2019.


Tap the [?] icon at the top of the screen to view various game play guides.


When you join a Club, you can make use of Club buffs and gain access to a variety of other content including Club Login Rewards, Club Missions, and Club Battle.

Connect with team owners from around the world and create unforgettable memories!

There are two ways to join a club: “Join Immediately” has no requirements and anyone can join, while “Apply to Join” requires a Club Manager to approve your request. Use the method you’re most comfortable when finding a Club to join.

MLB Perfect Inning 2019 - Strategy Tips and Tricks

Club Battle

Club Battle is a mode that allows for inter-Club competition.

MLB Perfect Inning 2019 - Strategy Tips and Tricks

Club Battle is only available at certain times of the day, and is based on Live Battle Action Play
(Clubs with 10 or more members will automatically be entered.)

MLB Perfect Inning 2019 - Strategy Tips and Tricks


Take advantage of new daily Events and have an easier time strengthening your team!

Make use of the various Event buffs such as Perfect Training Rate, Boost Cost Discount, and more.
You can see which Events are in progress and which are upcoming in the Event screen.

MLB Perfect Inning 2019 - Strategy Tips and Tricks

In addition to all buff Events, there are Daily Login Rewards and lots more that refresh weekly.


Check out new and improved Login Reward System!

MLB Perfect Inning 2019 - Strategy Tips and Tricks

In addition to the existing Regular Login check, there are new Total/Consecutive Login checks where you can earn rewards for logging in often.

Total Login:

  • Get rewards based on the total number of times you have logged in.
  • Although your Total Login count stays the same even if you miss some days, the rewards get better the higher your login count.

Consecutive Login:

  • Get rewards based on your consecutive login streak.
  • Be careful, if you miss a day, you’ll have to start over from Day 1.

Live Season

1. Season Start – Live Season is a mode in which you can experience MLB games based on actual MLB rules and regulations. Can be created once a day.

2. How to Play – Live Season offers a variety of play styles, which means you can choose how you want to play.

Manual Play

In Manual Play mode, the team owner plays as the players. Depending on the results of Manual Play, you can earn Action Points which is awarded along with game rewards.

  • Manual Play – ALL: Manually control all parts of the game.
  • Manual Play – Batting Only: Manually control batting, while fielding is controlled by the AI.
  • Manual Play – Fielding Only: Manually control fielding, while batting is controlled by the AI.


  • All parts of the game are controlled by the AI.
  • In simulation, you can have anywhere from 1 to 20 games play out in a row.

Complete Now

  • The fastest way to play a game and get results.
  • This mode can only be used if you own Complete Tickets.
  • Complete Tickets can be acquired by playing the game. They can also be purchased from the Shop using Diamonds.

3. Rewards – There are regular season rewards and post-season rewards. Rewards improve as difficulty increases.

MLB Perfect Inning 2019 - Strategy Tips and Tricks

Pro-Tip: Take advantage of Simulation mode and Complete Tickets to improve your Season experience.

FA Draft Ticket

The FA Draft system allows you to Draft players you want from the FA Market.

You can Draft a player even if you’re a bit short on GP, or if the player isn’t listed in the market!

(Drafting a player using a FA Draft Ticket means that only the ticket will be used, not GP.)

MLB Perfect Inning 2019 - Strategy Tips and Tricks

Please be aware of the following if you plan on using FA Draft.

  1. FA Drafts can be done using the “FA Draft Ticket”.
  2. Instant Drafting can be done regardless of registration in the FA Market.
  3. Only +1 Boosted players can be FA Drafted.
  4. N/A Players cannot be Drafted.
  5. Drafting is cancelled if FA Market prices change while Drafting.

MLB Perfect Inning 2019 - Strategy Tips and Tricks

The number of FA Draft Tickets needed to Draft a player is proportional to the value of the player’s card, and 1 FA Draft Ticket is equal to 1M GP.

MLB Perfect Inning 2019 - Strategy Tips and Tricks

If Drafting is successful, you will find the player in your Mailbox.

Trophies & Uses

Trophies can be earned in various ways, which include winning the Season championship, being the Season’s Best Pitcher, emerging victorious in continuous Simulation games, and more.

MLB Perfect Inning 2019 - Strategy Tips and Tricks

Trophies can be used to craft Team Badges or Legend Players. Since Trophies are used as crafting material, you should try to win Trophies whenever you can.

Precautions When Modifying Teams

Using a Team Break Ticket will reset your Season, so we recommend modifying team configurations after a Season has ended.

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