MLB Perfect Inning 2019 – Currency & Uses Guide

MLB Perfect Inning 2019 Guides:

Currency & Uses

GP & Uses

Get GP and Players as rewards from playing the game or through events.
GP can be earned directly via GP rewards or GP Boxes, and you can also register Players onto the FA Market to earn GP.

MLB Perfect Inning 2019 - Currency & Uses Guide

GP can be used to recruit players or purchase Live Drafts and various items from the Shop and FA Market.

Diamond & Uses

Earn Diamonds from gameplay or through events.

Diamonds can be used to try and trade for that player you’ve been wanting, buy Complete Tickets, reset Player Training, and more.

Diamonds can also be purchased from the Shop.

Pro-Tip: Diamonds are the most valuable form of currency in the game and should be used sparingly, as they are not easily acquired.

Capsules & Uses

Capsules are gacha items of limited quantity, and the prize list refreshes every 6 hours.
Capsule Coins are required to draw Capsules and can be earned as rewards from various modes or from Club Missions.

If you do not have enough Capsule coins, you can use Diamonds to draw Capsules instead.
If Capsules are sold out, you will need to wait until it refreshes to draw more.

MLB Perfect Inning 2019 - Currency & Uses Guide

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